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With a lot of track maintenance taking place on NS Macon District, I decided to forego Cordele, my usual stomping ground, for Valdosta. I was not expecting much traffic on a weekend, but went for a sunrise to sundown weekend bonanza anyway. The plan was to drive the Valdosta district to Jacksonville, a line I have very little experience with, and spot some good photo locations for a better day. On top of that, the weatherman was trying to ruin another day by the tracks. So much for the low expectations,  the weatherman was completely wrong, and NS delivered everything they had on the line. Saturday delivered nicely but on Sunday, NS alone brought 11 trains in less than 10 hours including 3 local jobs. I barely got into Florida off the Valdosta district. Even the Valdosta Railway got in the act with a morning job to the Clyatville paper mill and an afternoon job to drop cars to NS in Valdosta. The only one missing in action was CSX: the ADM grain train was parked on the mainline for most of Saturday and on Sunday after a train was spotted in Quitman early in the  morning while on the way, that was it. Railnet did not bring any trains  that weekend, but action shots from a previous trip are included.

NORFOLK SOUTHERN action: Morning; Afternoon.