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CSX Boston Line Train Symbols



INTERMODAL Updated Sept 08, 2000

Q113 Boston, MA to Chicago, IL
Q114 Willard, OH to Boston, MA

L115 Boston, MA to East St. Louis, IL
Q116 East St. Louis, IL to Boston, MA
Q117 Boston, MA to Chicago, IL

L117 Boston, MA to Chicago, IL
Q119 Worcester, MA to Bedford Park, IL
Q170  Chicago, IL to Worcester, MA (Fri only)
Q174 Jacksonville, Fl to Worcester, MA
Q166 Syracuse, NY to Worcester MA
Q185 Boston, MA to Chicago, IL

Q186 Chicago, IL to Boston, MA

AUTOMOTIVE Updated Sept 08, 2000

Q264 Collinwood, OH to Framingham, MA
Q283 Boston, MA to Niagara Falls, NY
Q294 W. Springfield, MA to Ayer, MA

MERCHANDISE Updated Sept 08, 2000

Q420 Selkirk, NY to Boston, MA
Q421 Boston, MA to Selkirk, NY
Q422 Selkirk, NY to Worcester, MA
Q423 Framingham, MA to Selkirk, NY
Q424 W Springfield, MA to Selkirk, NY

Q426 Selkirk, NY to Barber Station/B&M, MA
Q427 Barber Station/B&M, MA to Selkirk, NY
Q429 Selkirk, NY to W Springfield, MA
Q436 Selkirk, NY to Framingham, MA

Q437 Worcester, MA to Selkirk, NY

Bulk Commodities Updated May 22, 2000

G326 Chicago IL/Worcester MA

Locals Updated May 22, 2000

B710 Readville/Walpole/ Stoughton
B721 Chelsea/ Boston/ Alto
B722 Framingham/ Westboro/ Worcester
B723 Framingham/ S.Sudbury/ Natick
B724 Framingham/ Southboro/ Marlboro
B725 Framingham/ Walpole/ Mansfield
B726 Middleboro/ Cotley/ Fall River
B727 Middleboro/Fall River
B728 Middleboro/ N.Dartmouth
B729 Middleboro/ Brocton/ Braintree
B730 W.Springfield/ Palmer
B731 Readville/ Westwood/ Fairmoun
B732 Readville/ Foxboro/ Walpole
B733 Readville/ Boston Flexi-Flo
B734 Readville/ Boston Flexi-Flo
B735 Walpole/ Mansfield/ Attleboro
B736 Walpole/Franklin
B737 Walpole/ Foxboro/ Franklin/ Milford
B739 Springfield/ Indian Orchard
B740 W.Springfield/ Westfield/ Woronoco
B741 W.Springfield/ Ludlow/ Palmer
B742 W.Springfield/ Cedar Hill
B743 Pittsfield/Niverville
B744 Pittsfield/ Dalton/ Chatham
B746 Cedar Hill/ New Haven
B747 Cedar Hill/ New Haven
B748 Cedar Hill/ New Haven


INTERMODAL Updated May 22, 2000

Q108 Rose Lake/Little Ferry
L108 Rose Lake/Little Ferry
Q109 N.Bergen/Willow Springs
Q110 Willow Springs/N.Bergen
L110 Willow Springs/N.Bergen
Q111 Little Ferry/Rose Lake
Q112 Chicago/Port Newark
Q113 Boston/Chicago
Q114 Chicago/Boston
Q115 Boston/ Rose Lake
Q116 Rose Lake/Boston.....
Q117 Boston/Chicago
L117 Boston/Chicago
L118 Chicago/N.Bergen
Q119 Boston/Chicago
Q140 Rose Lake/ S.Kearny
Q152 Chicago/S.Kearny
Q156 Chicago/S.Kearny
Q157 S.Kearny/Chicago
Q158 WillowSprings/N.Bergen
L158 Chicago/N.Bergen
Q159 Dockside-TV/Chicago
Q160 Chicago/N.Bergen
Q161 S.Kearny/Chicago
Q162 Chicago/S.Kearny
L162 Chicago/S.Kearny
Q164 Chicago/S.Kearny
Q165 S.Kearny/Chicago
Q166 Syracuse/Boston
Q169 N.Bergen/Chicago
L169 N.Bergen/Chicago
Q170 Chicago/Worcester
Q185 Boston/Chicago
Q186 Chicago/Worcester

AUTOMOTIVE Updated Sept 08, 2000

Q232 Buffalo/Selkirk
Q254 Toledo/Selkirk
Q264 Cleveland/Framingham
Q265 Linden/Buffalo
Q268 Cleveland/Doremus
L271 Doremus/Marysville
Q279 Selkirk/Seneca
Q283 Framingham/NiagaraFalls
Q284 Chicago/Doremus (Automax )
Q285 Selkirk/Niagara Falls
Q290 Detroit/Doremus

MERCHANDISE Updated  Sept 08, 2000

Q364 Indianapolis/Selkirk
Q366 Louisville/Selkirk
Q367 Selkirk/Indianapolis
Q374 Salem/Selkirk
Q380 Chicago/Selkirk
Q386 Chicago/Selkirk
Q387 Selkirk/Chicago
Q389 Selkirk/Chicago
Q390 Chicago/Selkirk
Q600 Hagerstown/Selkirk
Q620 Massena/Selkirk
Q621 Selkirk/Massena
Q626 Buffalo/Selkirk
Q629 Selkirk/Seneca

Bulk Commodities Updated  May 22, 2000

K202 Oswego/AlbanyPort
K203 AlbanyPort/Oswego
K336 Chicago/Watertown NY
K337 Watertown NY/Chicago

K338 Buffalo NY/Watertown NY
K339 Watertown NY/Buffalo NY
G301 FtWayne IN/Selkirk NY

G302 Cincinnati OH/Albany Port NY
G303 Decatur IN/Selkirk NY
G304 Emporia IN/Selkirk NY
G305 Effingham IL/Albany Port NY
G306 FtWayne IN/Albany Port NY
G307 Hamlet IN/Selkirk NY
G310 Kenton OH/Albany Port NY
G311 Lima OH/Albany Port NY
G312 Marion OH/Albany Port NY
G313 Greenwich OH/Albany Port NY
G314 Sidney OH/Albany Port NY
G315 Walbridge OH/Albany Port NY
G316 Garrett IN/ Selkirk NY
G319 Avon IN/Albany Port NY
G322 Walbridge OH/ Albany Port NY
G325 Walbridge OH/ Albany Port NY
G326 Chicago IL/Worcester MA
G327 Chicago IL/Selkirk NY
G340 Chicago IL/ Hudson Upper NY
G348 Custar OH/Albany Port NY
G776 AlbanyPort/ Fayne
G778 AlbanyPort/ Cincinnati
G779 AlbanyPort/ Decatur
G780 AlbanyPort/ Emporia
G781 AlbanyPort/ Hamlet
G783 AlbanyPort/ Hamlet
G784 AlbanyPort/ Walbridge
G785 AlbanyPort/ Kenton
G786 AlbanyPort/ Lima
G787 AlbanyPort/ Marion
G788 AlbanyPort/ Sidney
G789 AlbanyPort/ Sidney
G790 AlbanyPort/ Sidney
G791 AlbanyPort/ Chicago