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Photos by John Kuehl

John was an 'old hand' at the game (he claimed to have been taking photos when railroads were being invented - others claim he was doing it when CAMERAS were invented...)

Many of his photos here have appeared previously in various rail publications over the years, with the biggest majority of his work being shot in Chicago.

To our great loss, John passed on 1/23/2005. Hopefully some of the cars that were scrapped and 'went to heaven' are there for his cameras.


AT&SF - Santa Fe

B&O - Baltimore & Ohio

C&O - Chesapeake & Ohio

CB&Q - Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (Burlington)

CP Canadian Pacific

D&RGW - Denver & Rio Grande Western

GN - Great Northern

MP - Missouri Pacific

CMSP&P - Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific (Milwaukee Road)

NP - Northern Pacific

SP - Southern Pacific

SP&S - Spokane, Portland & Seattle

UP - Union Pacific

WAB - Wabash

WP - Western Pacific

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