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American Orient Express American Orient Express

AOE & "American Spirit" & "Grand Luxe"

AOE operates under "Oregon Rail Corp" and through 12/2000 operated with sister company "Montana Rockies Rail Tours".

AOE performed maintenance on both groups of cars, but (as of 2000) did not operate domes.

MRRT operated the "American Spirit", which replaced the "Montana Rockies Daylight" that operated thru 1999. MRRT also ran the "National Parks Limited" with domes, and also ran it's cars in special excursions as warranted.

During 01/2001, a new corporation - RailQuest America/Montana Rockies Rail Tours purchased 3 of the domes and returned to the 'Montana Rockies Daylight", dropping the "American Spirit" name. (see separate page for MRRT).

AOE relocated from Denver CO to Western Junction/Tenino WA in late 2001.

In 2002, AOE began dome operation with the "New Orleans" , and later the "Copper Canyon" on the AOE "II" in September. CBQ 377 "Silver Solarium" was leased as the tail car for the new train in 2002, while UP 9007 "Glacier Park" became the leased tail car for the train in 2003, which was then replaced with "American Spirit" GN 1325 (car sold in 2005).

In 2006 AOE became "Grand Luxe" under Colorado Railcar but was unsuccessful and closed in 2008 with all equipment up for sale. Operation sold to Xanterra/Anschutz? in early 2009.

(click the car number link below for history of each car)

C&O 1877 - not operated - sold 3/05 to Mid America Rail Leasing

CBQ 377 - leased for AOE "II" for 2002 season

CBQ 1395 - AOE - "Copper Canyon" first trip 9/2002 - operating - sold to Xanterra

CBQ 4729 (lease) / WPRX 9544 - sold to MRRT 01/01

GN 1325 / AOEX 9409 - sold 4/05 to CN/IC

GN 1331 / MRTX 9410 - sold to MRRT 01/01

GN 1392 AOE - "New Orleans" first trip 4/2002 - operating - Sold to Xanterra

MILW 58 AOE - not operated - donated to a museuam and scrapped 11/09

NP 550 / MRTX 9407 - sold to MRRT 01/01

UP 7000 AOE - not operated - for sale

UP 9007 - leased for AOE "II" for 2003 season

UP 9011 - not operated - sold 6/05 to Wisconsin Southern

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