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Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Matchcovers



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I have added the Gulf, Mobile & Northern and the GM&O together on this one page because of their relationship to each other. I also have added a little bit of history about the GM&N that I obtained online from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I hope you enjoy the history and the covers.


The Gulf, Mobile and Northern Railroad (AAR reporting marks GMN) is a defunct U.S. railroad. The Gulf, Mobile and Northern Railroad was a result of the reorganization of the New Orleans, Mobile & Chicago in 1917. The GM&O was incorporated in 1938 to take over and merge the Gulf, Mobile and Northern Railroad and the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, which it completed On September 13, 1940. The railroad also merged with the Alton Railroad in 1947.

On August 10, 1972, the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad was merged into the Illinois Central Railroad, forming the 9600-mile north/south Illinois Central Gulf Railroad. In 1996 Illinois Central spun off some of its redundant trackage, including most of the former Gulf, Mobile and Ohio. Most of this trackage was acquired by other railroads.


Gulf, Mobile & Northern Matchcover


Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Match Cover


 The cover on the left was printed by the "Diamond Match Co." and the one on the right was done by the "Universal Match Corp"



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