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Major Events in Rahway Valley History

Trackside Happenings


January 20, 1951, the day #15 slammed into a truck of Corson Brothers Tree Experts, the same day George Clark hosted a party for officials of the Morristown & Erie Railroad. Just another fun filled day on the RV! Collection of Jeff Jargosch.
Event Date Description

First Diesel on the RV,
Arrives from Erie

January 19, 1951

Fresh from Erie, PA, GE 70-ton
#16 arrives as the first diesel on the RV

#15 meets the Corson Brothers!

January 20, 1951

#15 has an unscheduled stop,
thanks to the Corson Brothers!

Last Bit of Coal Smoke on the RV

November 28, 1953

With the diesel out of commission,
#15 plods her last miles along the RV.

Rahway Valley is Unfair!
The Big Strike of '59

January - April, 1959

Big news on the RV, when a
quarter of the work
force goes out on strike!

Kenilworth Station Burns

August 20, 1974

Kenilworth Station, local landmark for three
quarters of a century, succumbs to fire.

The UCTC Special

June 1980

Golf trains return to the RV!

The Rahway Valley's Last Run

April 21, 1992

A sad day indeed, last train over the RV

#13 gives #15 a shove around the yard in Kenilworth.

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