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(later known as Arion)

"The next station is called Katemiller, which it has been suggested was named by Mr. Miller for his wife or maybe by some man after someone else's wife" ("Second Golf Railroad in the United States). Katemiller was a stop for passenger trains on the Rahway Valley Railroad for several years. The station was located on what is now Liberty Avenue, at the time known as Springfield Road.

Earliest mentions of the Katemiller station are in December, 1905 when a reporter from the Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, N.Y.) took a ride over the Rahway Valley Railroad and quipped the earlier mentioned quote. There were a number of Miller families in the area at the time, each seemingly with their own "Catherine," "Katherine," "Katie," or "Kate." To try and determine exactly for which one the station was named is impossible.

A couple short years later, in 1907, the Rahway Valley Railroad renamed the station "Arion." The word Arion derived itself from the ancient Greek legend of a god-like horse.

What the structure itself looked like is unknown, until one day perhaps some photograph reveals itself. According to tax assessments the structure measured 10' x 12.' The structure was larger than Union but, unlike Union, never had a posted station agent (at least according to known documents).

By 1914 the Arion station was relegated to a flag stop and by 1921 the stop was omitted from schedules altogether., although it appears on a 1923 map of Union County. The structure was subsequently razed and later obliterated by later industrial development.

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