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Customers of the Rahway Valley Railroad

Customers of the Rahway Valley Railroad

Customers on the Mainline





Roselle Park

Customers on the Rahway Valley Line



Customers on the Rahway River Branch

Customers on the Lehigh Valley Branch

This is what made the Rahway Valley Railroad tick, its customers, and even serve a purpose for that matter. During its lifetime the Rahway Valley served scores of different customers and shipped wide varieties of products and materials.

While many short lines are built to serve one single industry, the Rahway Valley served a wide variety of diverse customers, from coal yards to pharmaceutical companies, and everything in between. George A. Clark, the railroad's long time president, was quoted as saying the key to his railroad's success was "Instead of a few big fellows we have dozens of little ones. In slow times the big ones shut down and everything stops. If you have little fellows some of them are sure to keep on" ("New Jersey's Streak 'o Rust " TRAINS Magazine, by John T. Cunningham, October 1950)

Compiled here is a listing of the many customers that the railroad served throughout its many years, although not complete, it is an attempt at a "Master List " of Rahway Valley customers and is ever growing.


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