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Ricca Manufacturing Company




The Ricca Manufacturing Company, of New York City, will soon move its plant and factory to a new building in New Orange, NJ. The Ricca Manufacturing Company is one of the largest producers of musical instruments in the country. The new structure is now completed. This new structure is now completed. This is the first factory built by the association, and will be followed by others as fast as possible. New Orange bids fair to be one of the leading towns in New Jersey.

The Factory of Oxiey & Enos

The New Orange Industrial Association’s architect has finished the plans of a factory for Oxiey & Enos, manufacturers of chadeliers, who are to leave New York. The building will be 300 feet square. The pay of this firm is $300,000 per year, and after moving to New Orange its business will be increased by 50 per cent.

The Goodyear Vulcanite Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of hard rubber, and many other large manufacturing concerns are booked for New Orange.

$100,000 Endowment

New York Herald – The Upsala College of which Rev. L. H. Beck is president, today signed contracts with the New Orange Industrial Association arranging for the removal of that institution to New Orange, NJ. The Upsala Collage is a Lutheran institution supported by the State church of Sweden. It is now located at Brooklyn. The New Orange Industrial Association has given the Upsala Collage an endowment of $100,000.

The Upsala Collage trustees have already arranged to proceed at once with the erection of seven college buildings, consisting of an administration building, a boys’ dormitory, a girls’ dormitory, a chapel, and a library and museum building. They will be located in a park of about 20 acres at the head of Lake Wewanna. It is expected that this college will become the largest educational institution in the world controlled by the Lutheran Church. It is already the authorized denominational college of the Swedish Lutherans of the North Atlantic coast. Over 500 students will be in attendance as soon as the buildings are completed – New York Press.

The Removal of the College

The New Orange Industrial Association in November, 1897 offered to donate a beautiful tract of land in New Orange, NJ and to provide for an endowment fund, if the Board of Trustees would move the college to that place. This liberal offer was accepted and it is now decided that the next school year will begin at New Orange, NJ, September 13, 1898.

The new college site in New Orange, NJ is a most attractive one. It is located about 170 feet above sea level. The surroundings are beautiful and the climate invigorating. While one enjoys the peaceful quietness of the calm suburb one can look down on Greater New York and view the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the busy Harbor, and tall buildings that ornament the lower portions of Manhattan Island. Turning in another direction the spectator obtains a magnificent view of Staten Island. In still another direction can be seen portions of the Oranges, Newark, and Elizabeth. This beautiful elevation is the site of Upsala College – Upsala College Catalogue.

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