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Passenger Coaches

Passenger Coaches

From the inception of the New York & New Orange Railroad in 1897 until the Rahway Valley Railroad's discontinuing of passenger service sometime after 1919, a small fleet of passenger coaches and combines were maintained to shuttle people and express over the line.

Information regarding these cars is sketchy at best and photos are far and few between. We do know, however, that the RVRR (and its New Orange predecessors) never owned more than five passenger coaches at any one time, and usually numbered around three (Source: Official Railway Equipment Registers).

Information, and photographs, regarding known passenger cars is presented here. Among these, there were at least several others, that information has not yet been ascertained.

New Orange Four Junction Railroad

This time-worn wooden combine appears in two photographs from the time of the New Orange Four Junction Railroad, circa 1901-1905. They were taken at the Lehigh Valley Railroad interchange in Roselle Park and the Jersey Central interchange at Aldene, respectively. The NOFJ reported two passenger cars in a 1902 report commissioned by the Lehigh Valley Railroad. The other car may have been a regular coach, in addition to the combine seen here.

Rahway Valley Railroad
Combine #11

#7 and Combine #11 between Springfield and Baltusrol.
Photo taken by George B. Whitfield.

Combine #11 in Summit. 1915.
Courtesy of Don Maxton.

Combine #11 was a secondhand wooden combine coach the Rahway Valley Railroad Company purchased sometime prior to 1908.
The combine was discarded sometime between 1915 and 1917.

Rahway Valley Railroad
Coach #12

Coach #12 in Summit. 1915.
Courtesy of Don Maxton

Coach #12
was a secondhand wooden coach the Rahway Valley Railroad Company purchased sometime prior to 1909.
The coach was discarded sometime after 1917.

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