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CNJ 528

Central Railroad of New Jersey #528

Type: 4-4-0 American
Builder: Cooke Locomotive & Machine Co.
Construction #: 2109
Year Built: 06/1891
Drivers: 69"
Cylinders: 19" x 24"
Weight: 58 ton
Notes: Central Railroad of New Jersey #380, renumbered #562
in 1899, then renumbered #528 in 1903. Leased to RV
11/12-18/1917 for $202.60. Scrapped at Elizabethport



Not #528, but CNJ #532 was a sister unit of the same class making it a nearly identical twin of #528.
Collection of George Wankmueller.

During World War I the Rahway Valley Railroad experienced an extreme upswing in activity along its rails. Traffic was so heavy that the RV's motive power fleet could not keep up with the demand. It has been reported that a variety of motive power was leased during these years, including power from the Lehigh Valley, Jersey Central, and the Pennsylvania. As of yet, only one of these locomotives has been confirmed to of been leased to the Rahway Valley Railroad. The RV leased from the Jersey Central their #528, a 4-4-0 American type, for one week in November, 1917. The cost of leasing the CNJ hog came to a grand total of $202.60. #528 returned to the CNJ to ply their rails another several years before being cut up at Elizabethport in January, 1924. (Source)

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