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NYS&W 1804

New York, Susquehanna, and Western #1804

Type: B=B
Builder: EMD (General Motors)
Model: GP-18
Construction #: 27506
Year Built: 08/1962
Horsepower: 1,800
Engine: EMD567D1 - 18 cylinder
Weight: 248,000 lbs.
Notes: NYS&W (Delaware Otsego owned)
Operated on the RVRR c. 1991
Still operable on NYS&W system

Suzie-Q sisters #120 and #1804 are seen here at the Kenilworth Engine House. 1991.
Photo taken by Carl Perelman.

NYS&W #1804 is seen here working the Aldene interchange as a New Jersey Transit commuter train rolls on by. #1804, designated as 'RV-1,' is waiting for clearance to switch over to the Staten Island line. The Garden State Parkway bridge can been seen in the background. 2/21/1991. Photo taken by Carl Perelman.

Another visitor to the Rahway Valley Railroad during the years the railroad was operated by the Delaware Otsego Corporation was #1804. Like #120, #1804 was owned by the DO subisidiary, the New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railroad. #1804 was constructed for the NYS&W in 1962 by EMD.

#1804 spent time on the Rahway Valley Railroad and the Staten Island Railway during 1991. Why the DO would of sent such a large locomotive (large by RVRR and SIRY standards) is unclear, perhaps #120 was suffering from mechanical troubles.

#1804 is still in service today on the NYS&W system.

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