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Caboose 102

Caboose #102

Caboose 102 sits, stored, alongside the Engine Shed.

Caboose 102, strangely sitting on the mainline. January 21, 1951
Collection of Steve Lynch

The Rahway Valley Railroad's one and only caboose, #102, was purchased from the Delaware, Lacakawanna, and Western Railroad in 1937. The DL&W constructed the caboose, as part of a series, in 1914.


Caboose #102 served on the RV for over thirty years, serving as a place for the crew to ride, rest, and leave their things while out drilling the line. Due to frequent switching, the caboose always rode behind the locomotive, a rather rare occurance in railroading.


The little red caboose with its yellow cupola remained on the railroad as late at the 1960's but after the arrival of the diesels in the 1950's, with their fully enclosed cabs the caboose became increasingly disused. Reportedly it was purposefully burned one day in the Kenilworth Yard.


Caboose #102 in Kenilworth.  Collection of Thomas T. Taber, III.

Caboose 102 down at Aldene
Collection of Patty Clark Gilbride

Caboose 102 in Kenilworth.
Photo by George E. Votava, Dave Keller archive

Caboose #102 and #12 sit, stored, on the side track in the Kenilworth Yards. July 4, 1939. Photo taken by George Votava. Dave Keller archive. 

Caboose 102 sitting on the side track in Kenilworth. Is that window open, or has the window pane been smashed?

#12 and #102 sit sidelined in Kenilworth.

#15 and #102, the dynamic duo, trundle along and head towards the dreaded Route 29 grade crossing. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

#15 and #102 at Aldene on November 26, 1953, the last day #15 operated on the RVRR. Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

#15 and Caboose 102 switch a customer on the Rahway Valley Line in Maplewood. Collection of Donald Maxton.

This fine Sunday afternoon finds #102 coupled to a shipment of wine. See 'Booze on the Branch.' Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

Caboose 102 on the side track in Kenilworth. The caboose featured a red body, a yellow cupola, and green trimmed windows. February, 1957.

Collection of Frank Reilly.

#16, only a few months old, and #102 roll past the Baltusrol Station. Summer, 1951.

#16 and Caboose 102 work in Kenilworth. April, 1951.
Collection of John Dziobko.

These stills, taken from old home movies, shows #102 out working along the line. In the first and second images #102 is coupled to #13. In the image on the right #102 is seen, coupled to #14 which is pushing a freight up the hill towards Summit.

Collection of Jeff Jargosch.

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