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The Men & Women of the Rahway Valley Railroad

"I leave the boys alone - they know their jobs. I don't have to tell them that our only scheduled train leaves here at 8:30 on the button., I don't have to tell them we keep working until everything is finished. They know those things." - George A. Clark, 1950

"President, general manager, secretary, auditor, traffic manager, and titular head of almost every department that needs one."

The Clark Family
Louis Keller hired Roger Clark in 1919 to manage his railroading fiasco. From 1919-1975, three generations of Clarks managed and worked for the Rahway Valley Railroad.

The Keller Family
Founded by Louis Keller and a few of his golf buddies in 1904, Keller and his heirs, his niece and nephews,
owned the Rahway Valley Railroad for three generations

Engine #15 backs down towards Michigan Ave. in Kenilworth with Conductor Harry Williamson and Brakeman George Davis riding on the footboards.

Collection of Patty Clark Gilbride.


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