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Roger A. Clark


Name: Roger Arthur Clark
Birth: January, 1871, Rochester, NY
Death: October 1, 1932, Union, NJ
Residence(s): Rochester, NY; Union, OR; Union, NJ
Spouse: Mary Amalia Wittman
Children: George A. Clark
Ruth M. Clark
Parents: William Clark & Isabella St. Helen
Date of Hire: 1919
End of Employment: October 1, 1932, death
Positions Held: Auditor (1919-1932)
President, General Manager, & Secretary (~1922-1932)

The Clark Family: George, Roger, Mary, and Ruth Clark. Circa 1920.
Collection of Carol Clark Holden.

Roger Clark and his son, George.
Collection of Carol Clark Holden.

Grave of Roger A. Clark, Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, NJ
Photo by Patty Clark Gilbride.


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