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Abandoned | Liberty Avenue

Grade Crossing: Liberty Avenue

Looking towards Liberty Ave. and the Rahway River Trestle. Photo taken by Richard J. King. Looking towards Liberty Ave. and the Rahway River Trestle. Bed, Bath, & Beyond, which now occupies both lots on either side of the ROW has backfilled a portion of the RVRR Grade across the street. Photo taken by Richard J. King. With Liberty Ave. at our backs, looking towards Branch Junction and the Wye. Photo taken by Richard J. King.

The Rahway Valley Railroad crossed Liberty Avenue (formerly called Springfield Road) at grade in Union, NJ. In the early days of passenger service there was a passenger "station" was located here. Originally called Katemiller Station when constructed c.1905, in 1907 the name changed to Arion Station. Today at the Liberty Avenue grade you would hardly know the railroad was ever there. Looking towards the Wye, you can see the "new" rails that were laid down in 2005 during the attempted reactivation of the railroad. On the other side of the road there are "new" rails as well, but they are buried under a mound of fill put there by Bed, Bath, and Beyond (new tenants of the former Western Electric and Breeze buildings) in 2012.

This aerial shows the exact location (arrow) of the Liberty Avenue grade crossing. The red line denotes the RVRR mainline. The large building located in the upper portion of this aerial was once Breeze, while the large building to the left was once Western Electric. Western Electric was once an RVRR customer but Breeze was not. Both buildings are now occupied by Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Google Maps.

Seen here is a Morristown & Erie Ry. Track Car on a rebuilt portion of the RVRR ROW. During the attempted reactivation of the Rahway Valley Railroad (c.2005-2007) the tracks between the Wye and the Rahway River Trestle were torn up and rebuilt. This photo was taken 8/15/2005. Photo taken by Marc Samuelson.


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