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Abandoned | Meisel Avenue

Grade Crossing: Meisel Avenue

Looking south towards the Rahway River Trestle.
Photo taken by Richard J. King

Looking south, showing the footing for the crossing flashers, across the roadway still stands the post for the flashers. Photo taken by Richard J. King

Looking north towards Springfield.
Photo taken by Richard J. King

Between the Rahway River and Van Winkle's Creek , the Rahway Valley Railroad crossed Meisel Avenue at grade. The railroad predates the crossing and the road as it was not until well after the end of World War I that Meisel Avenue was constructed. It is interesting to note that this crossing was the only one on the entire Rahway Valley Railroad that had automatic flashing signals. Today the road has been paved over the rails but remnants of the flashers still remain. On the north side of the road only remains the concrete block where the post was mounted, wires still protrude out of the middle of the block. On the south side of the road the flasher post still remains.

This aerial view shows the exact location (arrow) of the Meisel Avenue grade crossing. The red line denotes the RVRR Mainline. Note the Jonathan Dayton High School (Meisel Field) athletic fields on the left. Google Maps.

The railroad flashers were manufactured by Western Railroad Supply, based out of Chicago, Ill., a maker of railway crossing devices. This model was patented in 1937.
Research by Michael Kaplonski. Photo taken by Richard J. King.

The remaining flasher post is located on the south side of Meisel Avenue. Notice the remnants of the black and white paint. The post was black at the top, white in the middle, and black at the bottom.
Photo taken by Richard J. King

Here is seen the flasher post where it is bolted to a small concrete block. Photo taken by Richard J. King


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