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Engine 9

Rahway Valley Railroad #9

Type: 0-6-0
Builder: PRR - Altoona Machine Shops
Construction #: 1901
Year Built: 11/1893 
Drivers: 50"
Cylinders: 19" x 24"

Ex-Pennsylvania RR #506, Class B-4
Sold to General Equipment Co.

Purchased 12/1917
Retired 1920

Sold to General Equipment Co. 1920's
Sold to Jefferson Construction Co., New Orleans, LA #11
Sold to Seaboard Air Line #124
Retired 05/1930


Engine #9 .
Collection of Thomas T. Taber, III.



The Rahway Valley's #9 was an ex-Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) switcher that was built by the PRR's Altoona Machine Shops (AMS) in Altoona, PA in November of 1893 (C/N #1901). Originally a member of the PRR's Class M, it was subsequently reclassified into the PRR's Class B4a.While on the PRR it served with the road number #506.The Rahway Valley Railroad purchased this locomotive in December of 1917.#9, along with #10, was sold to the General Equipment Company in the 1920's.General Equipment in turn sold the locomotive to the Jefferson Construction Company of New Orleans, LA who renumbered the engine #11.The engine was subsequently acquired by the Seaboard Air Line who renumbered the engine as their #124.The engine was retired in May of 1930.


Repair voucher for the inspecting, washing, and boiler repair work on #9 and 10, directed to William Gerhart. The amount came to $87.12. Dated 5/5/1921. Collection of Don Maxton. 

A Pennsylvania Railroad Class B-4, a sister unit to RVRR #9.





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