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Engine 8

Rahway Valley Railroad #8

Type: 2-8-0 Consolidation
Builder: Pittsburgh Locomotive & Car Works
Construction #: 2070
Year Built: 03/1900
Drivers: 50"
Cylinders: 20" x 26"
Notes: ex-Pittsburgh & Lake Erie RR #9319, nee #140
Sold to General Equipment Co., 09/15/1914
Purchased 1916
Scrapped 04/1929


Engine #8
Photo taken by J. Wallace Higgins. Collection of Thomas T. Taber, III.


#8 was the first in a succession of 2-8-0 Consolidation type locomotives that found their way onto the Rahway Valley Railroad. Constructed by the Pittsburgh Locomotive & Car Works (later a part of the American Locomotive Company [ALCO]) in March, 1900, the locomotive served the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad (P&LE) as their #140 and later as their #9319.


The P&LE sold this engine to the General Equipment Company on September 15, 1914 (Source: Frye). General Equipment subsequently sold the locomotive to the Rahway Valley Railroad in 1916. #8 must've seen a great deal of use during the years of World War I, when the RV saw a great boost in activity.


That great deal of use the engine saw during the war did take its toll. When the Lehigh Valley Railroad contemplated purchasing the RV in the 1920's, a letter between the LV people made mention of the engine, "The equipment includes two engines, No. 8, a ten wheel switch, weighing about 140,000 lbs. and No. 11, an eight wheel, light passenger type, weighing about 98,000 lbs. At present No. 11 is doing all the work and No. 8 is in the shed in Kenilworth having broken a set of springs about the first of April" (Source: Letter to E.E. Loomis dated 9/27/1923).


From what we can gather, #8 did not see a great deal of service through the 1920's, seemingly serving as a backup to #11. William S. Young stated that when the Clarks came to the Rahway Valley Railroad in 1920 that the "RV only owned one good locomotive" (Source: Short-line Man, William S. Young, April 1969), more than likely meaning #11.


With the arrival of two more locomotives in 1928, #13 and 14, any purpose #8 still served was quickly diminished. #8 was scrapped in April of 1929 (Source: Frye, Bernhart, Taber).


Something worth noting is that another New Jersey short-line, the nearby Morristown & Erie Railroad based out of Morristown, NJ, also owned a former P&LE locomotive (ex-#9315, nee 135) of the same type and class. The M&E numbered this engine as their #6. The M&E apparently had more success with their #6 than the RV had with their #8, as #6 was on the M&E from 1915 until it was scrapped in 1948.


Collection of Don Maxton.


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