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Engine 3

New Orange Four Junction #3
Rahway Valley Railroad #3

Type: 4-4-0 American
Construction #:
Year Built:
Notes: ex-Pennsylvania RR Class D-3
Purchased 1901.
Wrecked in 1906 (?) 


Engine 3 and her crew, Jack Shallcross, Glenn Halladay,
Michael Tiroley, Frazee Haines, Charlie Lang, and Joseph Shallcross.

According to the Official Railway Equipment Registers, neither the New York & New Orange Railroad or New Orange Four Junction Railroad had three locomotives until at least 1901. This leads us to believe that the New Orange Four Junction Railroad purchased #3 in 1901, not long after the NOFJ had been formed to take over the operations of the NY&NO. #3 was an ex-Pennsylvania Railroad Class D-3 (other may say a D-9) locomotive according to some sources (Source: Taber ).
The New Orange Four Junction Railroad inherited the NY&NO's #1 and #2. Due to either #1 and #2's poor mechanical condition or lack of need for them due to the light business being done by the railroad, they were both gone from the railroad by October of 1903, leaving only #3 on the railroad.
When the NOFJ and the newly formed Rahway Valley Railroad were consolidated on March 1, 1905, #3 was inherited by the RVRR, but according to sources #3 did not wear the RVRR banner long. #3 was apparently wrecked in 1906 and was most likely scrapped not long after (Sources: Bernhart, Taber)

Letter from W.W. Cole to W.L. Bowler, Master Mechanic of the DL&W's Kingsland shops, pertaining to work being done on #3. Collection of Don Maxton.
#3, with the "N.O.F.J.R.R." markings on the tender, at the Lehigh Valley Railroad interchange in Roselle Park sometime between 1901 and 1905. Springfield Public Library.

Engine #3 pulling into New Orange Station.
Collection of Donald Maxton.



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  • Research by Richard J. King,7/2013.

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