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Engine 1

New York & New Orange Railroad #1
New Orange Four Junction Railroad #1

"New Orange"

Type: 4-4-0 American
Construction #:  
Year Built:
Notes: Ex-Northern Central Railroad #322
Purchased 07/1898
Scrapped/sold by 1903


Engine 1 at Aldene in 1898. McCoy Collection, photo courtesy of Donald Maxton.

#1 was the first locomotive purchased by the New York & New Orange Railroad. Previously, during the railroad's construction, the NY&NO had leased #502 (Source: Jargosch ) from the Central Railroad of New Jersey. Soon after the railroad began seeking out its own motive power for use over the three mile long railroad.

A locomotive was found, ex-Northern Central Railroad #322 (Source: Taber), and was purchased in July of 1898 (Source: McCoy). ". . . the first locomotive, a tall-stacked American 4-4-0, second-hand, from the Northern Central Railroad. Freshly back-shopped, painted and lettered "New Orange No. 1," the pride of the infant pike arrived July, 1898. at the Roselle Park [sic] yards in an eastbound freight. Her long pilot, piston rods, and slide valves crated in the tender. She was turned over to Duane Kimball, a qualified engineer hired from the Jersey Central, and a few days later, under steam, glided over the new 70 lbs. rails into New Orange, amind much whistle blowing and cherring from the local populace gathered along the right of way. The new depot was the scene of great speech making." (Rahway Valley Railroad: Saga of a Shortline . pg. 4. John J. McCoy. 1976)

Only sticking around for just a short while, #1 was gone from the railroad by the time of the railroad's October, 1903 report to the Official Railway Equipment Register.

Engine 1 at Aldene in 1898.
Collection of Thomas T. Taber, III


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