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My name is Richie King. I was born almost two years after the Rahway Valley Railroad made its final run on April 21, 1992.

Photo taken by Carl Perelman

So I never had the opportunity to see the old Rahway Valley in action. I grew up in Union, NJ, one of the towns along the RV, growing up I always saw the old abandoned railroad tracks, the crossing on the Boulevard, the bridge over Morris Avenue, the Route 22 crossing, and always wondered... Where did those tracks go? What happened to them?

Also growing up I grew up with my parents and their friends stories of them hanging around the "Trestle," the Rahway Valley's bridge over the Rahway River on the Union - Springfield border.

All these stories of this line, plus my already big passion for trains made me research the line further, and that is when I really found the Rahway Valley Railroad.

I found a story of a little 15.28 mile long railroad (including branches and sidings) unlike any other. A railroad built for golf but ended up helping to build Union County. A railroad that battled Route 22 on a daily basis and didn't always win. A railroad run by three generations of the same family. A railroad that wasour railroad . . . Union County's railroad.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your time on the website I am busy putting together, check back soon, I'm always adding more information :) Please don't hesitate to contact me... I'm always willing to talk Rahway Valley Railroad!

All the best,

Richard J. "Richie" King



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