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Once you've thoroughly explored the site, we have a few others for you to check out. In addition to other sites run by the author of this one, we've assembled a list of favorites that we think you might enjoy or at least find useful. Don't forget to tell them we sent you.

Site: Description:
Genset Locomotive Rosters

One of three sister sites to this website, the Genset Locomotive Rosters were compiled and published by the author of this site. This site provides details on the multi engine "genset" switchers built by NRE, Railpower, MPI and others.

Green Goat Rosters

Another sister to this site and companion to the Genset Rosters, the Green Goat Rosters page covers all the hybrid locomotives built by Railpower.

The Ultradome Experience

Another sister to this site, the Ultradome Experience provides rosters and other information on the luxury dome cars built by Colorado Railcar. There's even a POTB connection - the first cars built by the company were constructed in one of the blimp hangars in Tillamook and moved over the railroad!

Port of Tillamook Bay

The Port does more than just run a railroad! Find out more on the POTB's official website, which contains details on the Industrial Park, the area, and the history of the organization.

Marcam Productions

Marcam Video Productions is a specialist in high definition, quality railfan videos. Expect to see some POTB footage from them at some point. .

brian894x4's Homepage

Armed with a four wheel drive, still camera and video camera, Brian McCamish shares his railroad adventures throughout the northwest via his excellent site. He has a good section on the POTB, but don't stop there. There's plenty more to see.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

My friends over at the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad operate regular excursions on the POTB out of Garibaldi, OR using a century old Heisler steam locomotive. They also have an impressive collection of historical artifacts and rolling stock. They're definitely worth a look.

Northwest Rails

A very comprehensive site covering, well... Northwest Rails!

Rose City & Northwestern

Tom McCann's site takes an in-depth look at Portland, and has quite a few links as well.

Puget Sound and Pacific

Mike Davison’s PS&P Railfan’s guide was one of the original inspirations for this site. If Mike could do it, I figured, so could I.

Geared Steam Locomotive Works

Where to go for comprehensive information on geared steam locomotives. You either love 'em or hate 'em. This site is for the former.

Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad

The official site for this scenic railroad in the foothills west of Mount Rainier. A fleet of geared locomotives makes this one my favorite steam site. Look for my favorite locomotive here — Hillcrest Climax no. 10.

Cass Scenic Railroad

The official site for a true Mecca of geared locomotives on the east coast. I swear I'm going to go there someday for a railfan's weekend. Oh, a man can dream.

Dan's Depot

The source of those great railroad Gif's that are used to inhabit my page. I had a lot of fun with those, and modifying them for the POTB's fleet. Maybe I will find a place to put them again...

Oregon Covered Bridges

A comprehensive guide to another of Oregon’s attractions - its historic collection of covered bridges. Not many people know that Oregon has the largest number of covered bridges west of the Mississippi. Get the details here.

Travel Guide to Highway 101

A comprehensive guide to the many attractions along US Highway 101, which follows the Oregon coast.

For corrections, questions or to contribute photos, please e-mail me at: Thanks!

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