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POTB Photo archive - June 2003

Photo of the Month - June, 2003

Steam on the Port of Tillamook Bay? That's right! And if you want to take a ride behind this engine, run don't walk to the nearest POTB passenger station. Former Curtiss Lumber Co. Heisler no. 2 was under steam for a short late afternoon shakedown and test about two months after arriving on Port rails. It was her first time under steam since restoration and a brief operation by the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad two years ago. The two spot, owned by Chehalis transplant Scott Wickert, will be powering rides along the coast during summer weekends in place of the usual RDC runs. Like the RDC, the schedule varies from week to week, so your best bet is to check one of the Port passenger shelters (located in Garibaldi, Rockaway Beach and Wheeler) for schedule information. Photo by Jody Moore. January, 2003.

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