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POTB Photo archive -Oct., 2002

Photo of the Month - October, 2002

Like many shortline railroads seeking additional revenue, the Port of Tillamook Bay — then just an unremarked three mile industrial railroad — rostered a fleet of "per diem" boxcars like this one shown ready to roll off of the FMC builder's floor in Portland, OR. The boxes featured a distinctive Oregon map, showing Tillamook's location. At least two other Oregon shortlines -the City of Prineville RR and the Union Railroad of Oregon - also had similarly decorated cars. As the demand for boxcars diminished, the cars were eventually retired and sold to other owners. Some are still around today, sporting the reporting marks of owners Burlington Northern (BN), and Lamoille Valley Railroad (LVRC) and possibly others. Photo from POTB Archives. July, 1979.

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