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Layout wat01, E Lycoming County, Pa

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1-1/2" Live Steam Layout . . . . . (under construction

East Lycoming County, Pennsylvania


This layout is under construction. The owner requested me not to give his name or exact location.

1st Photo

The left end of the track, which stops at the driveway by the white pickup truck, is for loading the equipment onto a the trailer, for transporting it to live-steam meets in New York.

The spur track going into the barn is for storage.

Future Construction

The right end of the turntable, as show in the first photo, where it currently stops in mid-air, will connect to the future layout by a trestle. The completed layout will go around behind the house and barn, to make a large loop.

2nd Photo -- shows the turntable in operation (concrete base and end supports are not yet installed)

3rd Photo -- shows the owner and the locomotive







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