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The 5th Subdivision in Free-Mo



REDMOND OREGON MP 134.6                                                                                      XP   


The Idea:

Redmond may seem like a strange place to start building a model railroad, but that is the convienence of Free-Mo. It does not matter where you start, you can just bolt them all together later!

There are two main reasons I decided to go with Redmond as my first set of modules. The first being that most modules tend to be long and straight and I wanted the challenge of building it as a 45 degree module. In looking at Redmond, I decided, it is perfect as a partial 45 degree module as it is actually on a curve. The more planning and design work I did on the module the happier I have become about the choise I have made.

The other reason I chose this location was because of the unique stone depot located here. Although the actual depot in redmond has been moved it is still intact serving as a restaurant. Again, back to the Free-Mo group, nobody has a passenger station on their modules. I know that Redmond never actaully got to see any real streamliners, but I think it will be good for shows so, when the Texas Special (I know not prototypical) comes rolling down the track they at least have a place to let people out.

The Plan:

This module will start out as a five piece module that is expandable. Section "A" will actually be a stand alone 45 degree module, and will be deubuted at the NMRA regional show in Wichita June 14 and 15th. Sections "B" "C" will be permanetly fixed as a set. One end of the "B" module will conform to Free-Mo standards while the other will be an intermidiate module. Section "D" will be the "shift" module changing back from the non corforming to a confroming Free-MO end. Included in the design is the abilty to model another eight to ten feet of Redmond by moving section "D" down and placing modules in between "C" & "D" at this point I would just like to have the first modules runable by next Fall.

I am always looking for pictures, stories, drawings or anything else you might think is useful!