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The 5th Subdivision in Free-Mo 1960-1969



Welcome to my first ever webpage...

The reason I created this page was to help me organize my toughts as I begin to build the Spokane Portland & Seattle 5th subdivision in Free-Mo. Being as this is my first ever page there are bound to be mistakes so please feel free to use the CONTACT US button and drop me a line. I am also always looking for people to link my site to or if you have any information to add or share it would be much appreciated!!

So to start; a few questions.....and some answers!!

What the heck is Free-Mo?

In my opinion its the revolution of prototype operaters and modelers. It is a modular system that is sweeping the United States and Europe featuring:

  • Single Track Mainlines with sidings
  • Digitrax Command Control
  • Sidings and industires
  • More realisitc operations
  • A focus on scale represnations of specific places

Gone are the days of race track operations with NO meets, NO Switching, NO operations!!

If you would like more information either check in the links section or click HERE

Why the SP&S Fifth Subdivision?

I am to young to have ever seen the SP&S operate, I have only ever chased trains on the Oregon Trunk a handful of times. I think its more of a subconcious deicision I made a long time ago when I had the oportuity to raft the Deschutes between Madras & Maupin. I was amazed that there was a railroad that built into that type of terrain, secluded from the rest of the world winding, through ballast pillars, over bridges and through tunnels.

I originally was drawn to eastern Oregon by the Great Northern Klamath Division, I have alwasy had a soft spot for the GN and origianlly planned on modeling the line between Klamath Falls and Beiber. As I began to do research I learned about the history of the Oregon Trunk and its strange ways. How two railroads fought to build to the same area eventually tearing out portions of the line and sharing trackage rights. To how the SP&S connected to the GN at Bend and made its connection via the Southern Pacific to Klamtah Falls. The more I learned about the Smokey Pokey & Slow the more I was fascinated.

I think in the end what really pushed me over the edge was the ability to operate multiple types of power from different railroads in one of the most interesting locations in the United States. Between the SP&S mixed passenger service, the Union Pacific Local, TONS OF ALCOs, Great Northern run through power, it was settled, I HAD TO MODEL THE SP&S FIFTH SUBDIVISION!!



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