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Cowichan Valley
(formerly, Glenora & Western)

B.C. Forest Discovery Centre
(formerly, British Columbia Forest Museum Park)

100 acre site
Duncan, Vancouver Island

Glenora & Western Ry. 36" gauge
Founded by Gerry Wellborn, Deerholme, V.I.
Last spike: June 28, 1958.

CVR 26 at Alderlea station. September 23, 2017

CVR 26 (nee BCER, Victoria) 10-ton Plymouth gas-mechanical 1928.
Built for a 5.5 mile narrow gauge line of BCER from isolated Jordan River, VI dock to
Vancouver Island Power Co. (BCER subsidiary) hydro-electric dam site. Power site completed 1912.
Note gas engine replaced with a 4 cyl. Hercules diesel. Later, Buick V-8 340 gas (automobile) engine.

CVR 27 speeder crew transporter used to move employees on a number of logging railwasy in BC.
Replica built c.1970 5/8/2015.

CV 24 Susie (ex Elk River Colliery 4:2nd, nee Crowsnest Coal 9). Vulcan 914 7/1906

Duncan 9/14/1984 Bill Thomson

CVR 25 at Alderlea station. September 2, 2017

CVR 25 ex G&W 25, ex S.S.Magoffin Construction 25. Vulcan 1549 5/1910 September 2, 2017





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