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Railway Section Houses


CPR Trenton Division

Children growing up in these double section houses had an early introduction to the railway.
Lens, Mile 61.7 CPR Belleville Subdivision.

Another double sectionhouse is Roblindale Mile 68.2 CPR Belleville Sub. April 1978. John Mellow

CPR Western Lines

CPR Kimberley, BC 1976 Les Kozma

CPR Boissevain MB 2003 Duncan Mc.Innis

Owner says "photos are welcome; trespassing is not"

Style of old CPR section house from 1895 design.

CPR Standard No.4 Section House plans 1914

Manyberries, AB

A "fixer up" for sure!

Restored and rented out!

See what else is here.

CPR Company Houses


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