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CPR (former) New Brunswick

Aroostook 2004 Jeff Henricks

Multiple residential. Bath 2004 Jeff Henricks

Burtts Corner 2004 Jeff Henricks

Canterbury 2004 Jeff Henricks

Shogomoc Railway Site and Welcome Centre
Florenceville 2004 Jeff Henricks

Restored as New Brunswick liquor store opened April 2011. 380 York Street. Fredericton. 7/17/2017

Fredericton 2004 Jeff Henricks

Grand Falls 2004 Jeff Henricks

Mc Adam 2004 Jeff Henricks

Division Headquarters, Saint John.

Union Station Saint John

This was the old CNR Union Station opened March 8, 1933 to replace the old 1884 ICR Union Station first used by CPR June 3, 1889. Mileage 87.0 CNR Sussex Subdivision. CPR reached this station using trackage rights of 0.17 miles from their Saint John Sub. (Mc.Adam Sub.) until 1970 when they moved to their own station within a new office building three miles to the west. CPR used that station from October 25, 1970 until October 28, 1979. CNR used this station until June 6, 1973 after which it was demolished and trains used a modern new CN station two miles to the east until October 1979 when VIA opened a new station near the old Union Station. Canada Science and Technology Museum/CN Collection

Number 42 Atlantic Limited engine 4073 with two container cars behind the baggage car has arrived at Union Station.
Late 1960's Saint John, New Brunswick Byron Thomas.




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