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Sturgeon Terminal

Sturgeon County, AB


Sturgeon Terminal is located at circa Mile 2 of the Beamer Spur which runs north for six miles from a connection to the Vegreville Sub through a large wye at Beamer Junction.
This is at mile 111.0 of the CN Vegreville Subdivision.

Heading east on the Vegreville Sub. at Harris East, mile 107.5, it enters the Fort Saskatchewan Industrial Lead
and travels west to mile 3.4 where it enters DOW Chemical plant and PRAXAIR in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.

Note: CN also serves AGRIUM access at Mile 3.6 and CHEMTRAC at Mile 3.7. The most westerly customer is Sherritt International with rail access at Mile 4.17. Track extends to Mile 4.7 though this only serves as a switching lead.




Capacity; 1,900 cars. Project cost $15 Million.

Opened October 1, 2020.

CCGX 4212_4210_4213_4215.with Dow Chemical traffic Mile 3.4.
Mile 2.5 Fort Saskatchewan Spur 4.7 miles. October 6, 2022.
CN Vegreville Subdivision Mile 107.5

CCGX 4023 4024 Lambton Diesel, Sarnia 6/06/2020

CCGX 4023 Acq. 8/2015 (ex CP 8212 ex STLH 8212 nee CP 8804) GP9u GMD A1456 1/1958

CCGX 4024 Acq. 8/2015 (ex CP 8210 nee 8631) GP9u GMD A971 10/1956


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