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Canadian Bellequip Ltd.

BQ 135 (ex QNS&L) along with CP 4087-5016-8776-4047 at Smiths Falls, Jan.25, 1972. L. B. Chapman

Quebec, North Shore & Labrador sold 17 GP7's and 14 GP9's to Canadian Bellequip Ltd., Montreal, in September 1971. Most were leased to the C.P.R. They were sold February 29, 1972 to Precision National Corp. for continued lease. In June 1972 a further 3 GP7's and 17 GP9's were sold to PNC with some leased to CP and 15 to CN.

PNC rebuilt a number of units for C&NW and ICG. Many of these units went on to various shortlines in the US.


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