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London and Port Stanley

Steam era: 1894 L&PS leased Lake Erie and Detroit River


Articles about first Hydro Radial
January 15, 1916
March 29, 1916


E1 express car next to L3. 60 foot. Preston Car and Coach 1915

10 displaying green signals and pulling one trailer coach.

18 ex Milwaukee Electric 1136 (two motors and two trailers) acquired 1941.
54' parlour car nee coach built 1909 Kuhlman Car, Cleveland.

Line Car and linemen at work. 1956

Radial cars approaching diamond. Lots to see including "old" automobiles!

6 displaying green signals for following section. London 7/07/1946 Jim Shuman scan collection.

L&PS 14 southbound at Union and PSTR northbound at Union Station.
Two scenes about 60 years apart!

Car 2 leads two wooden trailer cars and another powered car showing the popularity of travelling on L&PS.
Berner-Maguire Collection

Michigan Central diamond St.Thomas circa 1915-20

Car 4 and another one stopped at Port Stanley. c.1915.
Wells Fargo and Co. Express
Note board and batten construction later stuccoed. See below.

London & Port Stanley radial railway station in Port Stanley, Ontario. Al Howlett Collection.

Cars 6 and 2 at St. Thomas 6/1/1950

L-2 on CNR interchange while a pair of Pacifics CNR 5585 and 5143 get underway with a coal drag eastbound.
London 7/17/1955 Anthony H. Perles

Car 8 trailing another car and box car, just west of the CASO station. 1956
Note that motorman is in far car and brakeman on far end of box car being switched.

London, Ontario August 11, 1956 Collection of Joseph Testagrose

C-3 Phillip Street August 1939

204 one of four 38 foot wooden flat cars acquired in 1915 used as was much rolling stock.
Digital restoration Walter Pfefferle

Details of locomotive order. GE Review August 1916

Car 4 at the beach in Port Stanley. September 23, 1950 Collection of Joseph Testagrose

Cars 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 built 1915 Jewett Car Co. Newark, Ohio. Cars 12, and 14 Jewett 1917.

9 trailer 60 seat wooden 60 foot coach (7, 9 and 11) St.Louis Car Co. NSC trucks. $8000

E1 Express car four motors. 60 foot. Preston Car and Coach 1915



L4 one of only two G12 1310 hp export model GMD diesels built for use in Canada. A831 8/1955
The light weight unit was needed for the light radial track. A second unit was delivered two years later.
London 8/24/1957 Peter Cox

CN 991 ex L&PS L4 Al Howlett Collection


L&PS 8 (acq. 6/1971) operating at Halton County Radial Railway of OERHA.
7/11/2015 Mike Russell Scan Collection

L2 displayed with RVLX 101 Reinhart Vinegars Ltd. wooden tank car at Harbourfront.

L2 preserved by CRHA/Toronto & York Division at Harbourfront Railway Museum in Toronto.

After museum closed by Harbourfront collection disbursed with L2 going to OERHA/Halton County Radial Ry.
RVLX 101 now at Toronto Railway Museum, ex CPR John Street roundhouse.

Note: Elgin County Railway Museum in St.Thomas has Car 14 (9/1999)
originally (1960) at Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, QC.
Also, L1 preserved 1967-1995 NMS&T in Ottawa.

CRM (Exporail) still has Car 10 acquired 1962.

NOTE: Car 4 from Ossawippi Express Dining Cars relocated
2012 to Halton County Radial Ry. which also has trailer 3 (body).

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