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Old Time Trains

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo

Freight equipment

3538 a 40 foot box car built 5/1953.

CNR siding.

80-ton 3000 cubic foot capacity covered hopper. Built 3/1964

4763 LCL box car spotted at freight shed. Mdse service Hamilton Welland Brantford

Passenger equipment

THBL 73 at CPR John Street coach yard.

TH&B Line coach 75 Hunter Street Station Hamilton 6/8/1963 Bill Hood

Combine 303 Hunter Street Station Hamilton 6/8/1963 Bill Hood


Note: Each van had a different safety slogan. Including: 61 Tight Grip, Safe Trip;
62 Look Around, Getting Down; 66 A Man Alert, is Seldom Hurt.;
70 Lives Obeyed, Lives Saved; 71 A Man With Rest, is at His Best.

61 with its own safety slogan!

62 newly painted. Original normal cupola style.

62 a rare bay window caboose. One of the very few in Canada.
Look Around Getting Down Safety slogan

62 was rebuilt at the Aberdeen Car Shop into a bay window configuration in 1967
and 66 was converted the same way in 1968.

It was felt that the bay window configuration would provide better visibility for train inspections.

Van 62 spent a large amount of time in Welland assigned to the Day Port Assignment, while Van 66 was assigned to the American Hoist (X-755). In 1983, vandals set fire to 66 at Kinnear Yard and the gutted remains were sold to the
Port Stanley Terminal Rly. 62 was reassigned to the Amercian Hoist and one of the 80 series vans assigned to Welland.

Lance Brown

X-755 American Hoist & Derrick self-propelled crane with its van 62 and two gons as a work train.
Hamilton Region Conservation Authority spur off TH&B Waterford Sub.
Sulphur Springs 11/14/1983 A.W.Mooney

68 safety slogan Watch for Slack, Save a Smack.

Steel-sheathed wood caboose 70 Hamilton 8/1971 Edward J. Stoll/Wilson Lau Collection

71 A Man With Rest, is at His Best.

81 one of four (80-83) modern saddleback steel vans built 1973 by NSC to CP specs. and outfitted by Angus shops.
Hamilton 7/17/1989 Roger Lalonde

Wooden combine X762 part of the auxiliary train. Aberdeen Yard. Jim Parker

THB 1 inspection automobile.1951 Chrysler Windsor Deluze.
Chatham Street roundhouse Hamilton June 9,1975

Subsequent owner; preserved 1980 by Rod Wilson. It appeared at some Train Shows and
even ran on ocassion at South Simcoe Ry. Changed ownership 12/2015 to former GTR
Freeman Station (ex CNR Burlington Junction) Moved to 1285 Fairview Street, Burlington.


PSTR 61 acq. 1985 (ex TH&B 61) with oversized emblem! Port Stanley yard. 7/27/1987 A.W.Mooney

Later to St.Thomas Central. Currently at Waterloo Central.

Dowler-Karn private display. Acq. 8/2018 (ex PSTR privately owned, nee THB 63.) Retired 1987 NSC 8/1914.
Tower Rd. Next to CN Cayuga right. Hwy. 3 Yarmouth Centre (near St.Thomas) July 28, 2021 Dave Hooton

70 displayed at Harbourfront Railway Museum. Originally preserved by R.L.Kennedy.

71 nicely restored and in use as a B & B at Puddicombe Farms in Winona.

Note: This van was previously owned by Al Howlett at PSTR in Port Stanley.






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