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Old Time Trains

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo

301 only self-propelled car on TH&B with crew posing at Waterford before returning to Hamilton.
CASO double track main line in foreground. Station is behind photographer.

EMD/CC&F SE-120-243 December 1927. Gas-electric. Seats 47 (3 + 2) Scrapped 1956

301 waits for arriving NYC passenger train. Waterford c.1954

Inspection Automobile

THB 1 inspection automobile.1951 Chrysler Windsor Deluze.
Chatham Street roundhouse Hamilton June 9,1975

Subsequent owner; preserved 1980 by Rod Wilson. It appeared at some Train Shows and
even ran on ocassion at South Simcoe Ry. Changed ownership 12/2015 to former GTR
Freeman Station (ex CNR Burlington Junction) Moved to 1285 Fairview Street, Burlington.


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