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Stave Falls

Mission, BC

A small 6 mile long railway built to serve construction and operation of a hydro-electric power dam in the Fraser Valley.
Begun by Stave Lake Electric and Power Co. which went bankrupt and was acquired by Western Canada Power Co.
which completed the project finishing it early in 1912. It was an important source of power to much of the lower BC area.

British Columbia Electric Railway bought it all December 20, 1920. BCER upgraded and electrified the line 10/1922.
Eventually it was abandoned in 1944 after loss of all traffic following closure of a lumber mill on the line.
A trail replaced the track but there is a power dam museum the site having been declared a National Historic Site. .

Shay 1

WCPC 1 acq. 1910 Lima 2066 1/1908
Ex Nimkish Timber 1, nee Merrill & Ring Lumber 1.







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