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Klondike Mines Railway

Dawson City, Yukon Territory

Three foot gauge line between Dawson City and Sulfur Springs, YT 32 miles.
Construction began in 1903 and opened November 1906.

It ran for only a short time hauling little gold ore, rather it served normal needs of
passengers and local freight. Sadly, it didn't last long due to major decline of population.
It closed in Fall of 1913 and was abandoned in 1914.

All four steam locomotives were stored in the roundhouse for decades.
The last engine, number 4 was acquired in 1942 by the WP&YR for war time traffic.
It was retired in 1952 and began a long history of going from place to place for
tourist railway operations, real or imagined! It still exists!

Engine number 1 with first train.


Klondike Mines 4 Cyl. 15" x 20" Drv. 37" Baldwin 37564 3/1912

Subsequent owners

1942 to White Pass and Yukon Route 4. Retired 1952 and displayed in Skagway, Alaska.
Sold 1955 to an individual for a proposed railroad park. It was still-born. Oak Creek Central 4.

1960 it became Peppermint & North Western 4 in Waterford, Wisconsin where it operated for one season in 1962.

1962 it was displayed at Dry Gulch R.R. in Hersey Park, Hersey, Pennsylvania.
This was a huge amusement park with a large park-size railway.

1964 sold to a private individual for a game farm in El Reno, Oklahoma.
It too was still-born. The engine sat outdoors for 20 years.

1969 it went to Petticoat Junction in Seiverville, Tennesee where it ran for 3 days!

1969-1980 it ran at Gold Nugget Junction RR, Osage, Missouri. A "Wild West Town" It closed in 1980.

2005 sold to Dry Gulch USA Church Camp, Adair, Oklahoma.

October 2015 sold to a private individual who operated it briefly at Georgetown Loop RR
where it was quickly found to be far too light an engine for the steep mountain grades.

Lettered as D.S.P. & P. number 4 sits on rebuilt turntable. Como, CO 1/25/2018.

Resold once again in 2017 to a private individual for the restored DSP&P division point at Como, Colorado
where a short piece of track was relaid between the original 1879 depot and 1881 stone 6-stall roundhouse,
bunkhouses and 1897 hotel on the long-abandoned (1939) Denver, South Park and Pacific.
A number of freight and passenger cars have been acquired from here and there and some already restored.
Once again in August of 2017 it returned to steam! South Park Rail Society. Congratulations to all!



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