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Sartigan Railway

Operating small part (Vallee Jct. to Charny) of the defunct former Quebec Central effective December 10, 2013.

Note: Line owned since 2007 by Quebec government (Ministry of Transport) includes:
Vallee Subdivision Sherbrooke (Jct. CM&Q) Mile 0.0 to Mile 130 near Breakeyville (Jct. CN).
Chaudiere Sub. Mile 0.0 Vallee Jct. (Jct. Vallee Sub.) to Mile 78.5 Lac Frontiere.
Levis Sub. Mile 0.0 Scott Junction to Mile 6.2 Ste-Henedine.
Grand Total 136 mile

CFS 2044 (ex 644) freshly repainted leads two other units. Breakeyville 10/08/2021

Faced with a major increase in traffic due to new business (30-50 car trains) CFS was fortunate to acquire
four of these poweful 2000 HP diesels around the same time as Ontario Southland was facing a loss of
traffic due to their not bidding to renew the lease of Guelph Junction Railway where a grade both
northbound and southbound between Guelph Jct. and Guelph required multiple units.

2047 (ex 647) not yet repainted. St.Lambert 2/17/2022

647_644 newly arrived from Guelph Junction Ry. Scott-Joncton July 12, 2020
Nee BC Rail 647, 644. 3/2003 M-420W MLW M6068-08 10/1973 and -05 9/1973

Side view shows big open space between front truck and fuel tank.

1828_8033 at newly opened ComAgro facility. St.Lambert-de-Lauzon. Mile 121.7. June 5/2020

8033 with one load passing through Breakeyville. July 14, 2018

8033 and at right is AB 46 (ex QIT 46) at newly opened Aliments Breton Inc. grain centre.
Mile 111 Vallee Sub. Scott-Jonction, QC August 20, 2018

AB 46 ex QIT 46 RS-18 acq. 12/2017 DL-718B MLW M6007-01 6/1968 Second to last RS-18 built.

Note: This was a one unit order built low nose as were other late RS-18's such as
INCO 208-2 to 208-4. 4,5, 8/1968. Last two are now OSR 183, 184.


1828 at Scott-Jonction August 20, 2018

CFS 1828 acq. 9/2012 (ex DGVR, ex Granada, ex Ottawa Central, ex CP 1828 nee 8793).
RS-18 MLW 82474 7/1958 Scott Junction. May 8, 2014 Frank Jolin

CFS 8033 acq. 4/2014 (nee CP 8033) RS-23 1000 HP MLW 83295 3/1960
Newly arrived Scott Jct. May 8, 2014 Frank Jolin

Note: CP 8033 retired 8/1996. Sold 11/1196 CANAC. Re-sold 12/1996 Eagle Forest Products, Miramachi, N.B.
Became Weyerhauser Canada, shutdown Februay 2007. Then ARBEC Forest Products, Inc. acquired January 2012.

CFS 8033 with modified paint scheme and ditch lights. July 29, 2015 Dannick Fournier
Note defunct Quebec Central units in background.

This view shows the darker green cab with silver roof and silver initials and number.

Two views in opposite directions. Breakeyville December 6, 2014 Dannick Fournier


Pulling upgrade Saint-Jean-Chrysotome. December 13, 2014.

Two loads of lumber. Saint-Jean-Chrysotome January 31, 2015.






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