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Great Western

A prairie grain shortline on four former CPR subs. in Saskatchewan that started up in September 2000.
Shaunavon Sub. 109.3 miles from just west of Assiniboia to Shaunavon, Altawan Sub. 65.7 miles to Notukeu
and Notukeu Sub. 75 miles to Bracken. Also, Vanguard Sub. from Meyronne 76.3 miles Blumenhof.


On Tuesday October 9th. 2012 GWR ran a 121 car train west from Assiniboia. The crew was ordered for 0900 however, with the huge amount of switching involved building their train, time marched on and it became afternoon. At 1355 they finally had everything together and were pulling. The power for the day was ex BNSF B40-8W's GWRS 575, 563 (acq. 2/2011 ex BNSF nee ATSF 575, 563 GE 46921, 46909 3/1992) and GWR M420's 2000 and 2004. Train chasing was looking much more favourable.

The plan was to run to Meyronne, with set offs at Limerick and Lafleche. At Meyronne the Assiniboia crew was met by the Shaunavon crew. The B40-8's were cut off the train and the Assiniboia crew took the 2000, 2004 and 16 empties northward up the Vanguard Sub to Neville. The Shaunavon crew then coupled the ex BNSF B40-8's to the balance of the train
and continued west along the Shaunavon Sub to Shaunavon and eventually around the horn to Frontier.

Here are five photo's from a wonderful windy and sunny afternoon in paradise, courtesy of GWR and the great province of Saskatchewan. Ken Mc.Cutcheon

GWR purchased a caboose at the beginning of May 2012 from Progress Rail in Minneapolis, MN. Ex CP 434411 now numbered GWRS 1962. Evidently Progress was using it for an office and the street address was 1962, so we now have GWRS 1962. It will be utilized between Shaunavon and Dollard (one station west of Shaunavon) where GWR loads crude oil. The caboose will facilitate the movement of empties and loads between the two stations and eliminate running around the cars.

Photo 1 GWRS 1962 in Assiniboia waiting to be marshalled onto the tailend for its maiden GWR voyage.
Photo 2 GWRS 1962 crossing Lake Limerick. which was created last May 2011 as a result of a large snow pack and an overabundance of rainfall. The reel car ahead of the cab is one of several carloads of irrigation piping GWR has been moving
from Assiniboia to Shaunavon over the last several months. Both photos May 14th 2012. Ken Mc.Cutcheon

GWRS 1962 There is no mistaking the heritage of this ex CP saddleback caboose. 434411

1962 looking pretty normal on the rear of this freight train.

Push and pull, loads and empties, spotting crude oil tanks to the Dollard Transload to load Bakken oil.
May 9th. 2012 Ken Mc.Cutcheon

Great Western 2002 and 2000 near M.105 Shaunavon Sub. Instow, SK with a westbound train of empty covered hoppers
from CP at Assiniboia enroute to Eastend travelling through the Notukeo Creek valley between Scotsguard and Instow.
Note the standard MLW trucks under the lead unit nee Providence & Worcester 2002 MLW M420R acq. 2005.
October 1, 2007 Bill Hooper

Great Western 2001 2000 acq. 4/2001 thru NRE (D) from Cape Cod Central Gordon J. Strathdee
MLW M6071-15 7/1993 and M6071-23 9/1973 nee CN 3514/2514 and CN 3522/2522
Note: Two more identical units plus another M420 were added in later years.


Great Western Railway (Saskatchewan) = GWRS
Assiniboia, SK 7/16/2008

Note the standard MLW trucks under the unit nee Providence & Worcester 2002
Acq. 2005 ex NREX 2002, Maine Coast 2002 nee P&W 2002.
M-420R MLW M6075-02 2/1974

Two views: 2002 7/16/2008 Assiniboia

2003 acq. 2/2008 ex LSRC 3571, ex KPR 3571, ex CN 3571 nee 2571 M-420 MLW M6092-12 1977

2004 acq. 2/2008 ex LSRC 3563, KPR 3563, CN 3563 nee 2563:1st. M-420 MLW 6092-04 1976
Outdoor repair "facility" Assiniboia, SK

Note incorrect reporting marks WGRS on both 2003 and 2004 when shipped from Lake States RR.





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