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British Columbia Hydro

The former British Columbia Electric Railway operated the largest interurban passenger and freight operation in Canada between Vancouver, New Westminster, Marpole, Steveston and 65 miles up the Fraser Valley to Chilliwack totalling 125 miles. Following the end of passenger rail operations it carried on freight operations under the names British Columbia Hydro (effective 3/30/1962) later, British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority and currently, Southern Railway of British Columbia.

Carrall Street electric operation

Shop track scene includes 900, 903, 906, 908 and another hidden unit plus track motor car.
Diesel shop New Westminister, BC 6/13/1976

BCH 940 one of four GE 70-tonners acquired new by BCE. #30371 5/1949
New Westminster January 1974 Doug Sanford/Mark Forseille Collection

941 Vancouver 4/12/1976 J.A.Lambert

NOTE: Can you identify exact location?

941 has been preserved by WCRA in Squamish. 3/29/2003 Charles Freericks

BCH 942 GE #30373 5/1949 New Westminster March 1983 Mike Coles/Mark Forseille Collection

BCE 900 with original as-built trucks. Note side mounted double acting brake cylinders.
Only SW900RS on roster at the time. Peter Cox

There were only 12 of these units built in Canada equipped with Flexicoil road trucks and M.U.
They were similar to the very successful SW1200RS 12-567C rated at 1200hp of which nearly 300 were built.

BCH 900 (ex BCE 900) SW900RS 8-567C 900hp GMD A738 6/1955
New Westminster May 1982 Mike Coles/Mark Forseille Collection

901 (ex BCE 901) First of a two unit order. SW900RS GMD A892 6/1956
Just south of west end of Burrard Street bridge. 10/18/1965 Doug Hately

902 at New Westminster shop. 10/14/1974 SW900RS GMD A893 6/1956

903 (ex BCE 903) first of a second two unit order. SW900RS GMD A1165 8/1957
These units were a big improvement over the earlier 70-tonners.
New Westminster October 1987 Mark Forseille Collection.

904 (ex BCE 904) second unit of second two unit order. GMD A1166 8/1957
Note the portable extra lights an early safety feature common in BC long modern ditch lights came along.
Kitsilano September 1977 Doug Sanford/Mark Forseille Collection

904 eleven years later in new paint scheme for new style name B.C. Hydro Rail.
New Westminster October 7, 1988 Claude Prutton/Mark Forseille Collection

905 (ex BCE 905) first of a four unit order, the last under BCE name. GMD A1476 3/1958
New Westminster May 23, 1976 Claude Prutton/Mark Forseille Collection

905 New Westminster September 30, 1986 Doug Sanford/Mark Forseille Collection
Note the activity on the building in the background!

906 in typical badly faded paint.
New Westminster Ray Humpries/Mark Forseille Collection

906 in new paint scheme. New Westminster May 1988 Mark Forseille

908 New Westminster February 16, 1977 Norman Shapland/Mark Forseille Collection

909 at the shop in New Westminster. First unit for BC Hydro. A one unit order. GMD A2059 6/1964
May 23, 1976 Claude Prutton/Mark Forseille Collection

911 in fresh paint for a change! Last SW900RS (1000 hp) another one unit order. GMD A2354 3/1969
New Westminster May 1983 Mike Coles/Mark Forseille Collection

931 acq. 12/69 (ex Midland Railway of Manitoba 1) SW900 GMD A846 5/1956
New Westminster September 9, 1986 Norman Shapland/Mark Forseille Collection
Sold 9/1987 to MacMillan & Bloedel, Powell River, VI.

931 with temporary Flexicoil trucks. New Westminster April 1984
Mike Coles/Mark Forseille Collection

BCH 151 one of three MP15DC units and the only ones in Canada. EMD #75626-1 11/1975
Port Coquitlam, BC Ray Humpries/Mark Forseille Collection

B.C. Hydro Rail 151 in new paint scheme. Surrey, BC June 1987 Mark Forseille

152 with old style classification lamps and snow plow pilot.
New Westminster March 3, 1977 Norman Shapland/Mark Forseille Collection

BCH 152 in an interesting scene. That's the North arm of the Fraser River in the background and one of the few sawmills on Annacis Island. Note the green barge full of sawdust. The Queensboro Bridge is at the right that crosses to Annacis Island.
Those red machines belong to Fraser River Pile Driving. The train is just leaving the Queensboro yard in New Westminster. October 1987 Mark Forseille

153 with combination pilot. New Westminster Ray Humpries/Mark Forseille Collection

153 New Westminster November 1986 Mark Forseille

381 displaying white flags denoting running Extra through Surrey. Only SD38AC in Canada. EMD #37816 10/1971
Mark Forseille Collection

Note: These 2000 hp units were a big improvement over the small SW900RS units on big freight trains.
They were not equipped with dynamic brakes due to the lack of grades.

382 one of three SD38-2 built by EMD #71606-1 12/1972 Surrey Ray Humpries/Mark Forseille Collection

Note: Only seven SD38-2 units in all of Canada. The other four were Northern Alberta.

Classification flags were still in use in January 1987 New Westminster. Mark Forseille

383 jacked up inside diesel shop. 12/27/1986

Rear view details. 10/31/1975

383 Ray Humpries/Mark Forseille Collection

384 Huntingdon Ray Humpries/Mark Forseille Collection

384 New Westminster June 1986 Mark Forseille

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Southern Railway of British Columbia


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