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Quebec North Shore and Labrador

The remote location of this isolated railway and in an era of pre-internet communications much of the details of their extensive secondhand equipment acquisitions was little known even to this day. No passenger or work service equipment was new.

Passenger equipment

6218 (6115 below) four ex VIA RDC's sold 7/2001 to Train du Haut-Saint-Francois, a failed tourist train operation.
All six cars sold. 6101, 6115, 6121, 6125, 6203, 6218. Stored _____ QC waiting scrapping.
Efforts to save these cars were not successful due in part to very short notice of sale by the municipality owed funds.



13518 one of ten ex Southern coaches acquired in 1979. ACF 1949 Phil Mason

Diner-restaurant 476 ex CP 6630 one-of-a-kind buffet-parlor car.

Service equipment

Business car 451 (acq. 1952) ex C&O Lynnwood built 1919.

Track geometry inspection car 454. Converted from ex CP Business Car 29 nee Fort Reliance.

453 at the end of a long line of retired work service equipment waiting scrapping sits at Sept. Iles, Quebec
The isolated location and lack of awareness combined to prevent any of this equipment being preserved.

Foreman's office car 453 acq. 4/54 ex CP Mount Ellesmere Buffet-sleeper-observation car. CPR 1913

449 Diner (acq. 1962) ex CP Ardencaple NSC/CPR 1931

470 coach (acq. 1966) ex CP 2149 NSC/CPR 1941
One of several coaches downgraded to service status with acquistion of 10 newer stainless steel coaches from Southern.

Middle car is ex CP 2200 series coach.

1260 sleeper #2 auxiliary (acq.1956) ex CP 2737 colonist car CPR 1912
Car to the right is ex DL&W open platform coach, one of several acquired in 1950 for construction work.

381 Communications & signal gang recreation and wash car. ex CP RPO/express 3649?

QNS&L 336 Road Tool Car acq. 3/57 one of three ex NYC RPO/express cars nee P&LE. Built 1927
Sept.Iles, Que. 5/03/1990 Clayton Langstaff

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