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Pacific Great Eastern

PGE 4525 PAPER SERVICE ONLY box car a long way from home!

PGE 4930 two-door box. Lillooet 8/16/1972

PGE 825 reefer with charcoal heater (below door). North Vancouver 2/1975 Sid Elliot

PGE 4654 brand new wide plug door box cars.

PGER 40088 50" box car far from home likely with paper product.

PGER 40106 another box car far from it home land.

4118 brand new 40 foot box car. Built 1/1958

Open air observation car.

Clinton on rear of local train at Quesnel. October 1960 Omer Lavallee/Ronald S. Ritchie collection.
This car has a long and interesting history. Note upper berth window!
It was built by ACF as an interurban sleeper trailer in USA.
This was one of several pieces of used interurban equipment.

1806 wooden van on southbound local from Quesnel to Squamish.
Note the ancient arch bar trucks. June 25, 1953 Ronald S. Ritchie

PGE 1831 a shabby looking van in Vancouver. Clayton Langstaff Collection

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