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Canadian Pacific Railway

Ottawa West and Ottawa Terminal
Ottawa Union

Train Order 1955
563 Pool train Ottawa to Brockville engine 1265
right-over 556 eng. 2518 Ottawa to Chalk River local psgr.

Steam prevails in this scene! Circa 1955. CSTM Stowell 113-4


A very old picture of Ottawa Union from the Laurier Avenue bridge looking north towards the Chateau Laurier with the
winter snows from the station grounds pushed into the Rideau Canal. Freight shed at right. L. B. Chapman Collection

3426 and 2820 on the shop track at Ottawa West. Note the OCS wooden gon for sand service.

Two scenes at Britannia passsing the Ottawa Transportation Commission streetcar shelter accessed by a pedestrian bridge.
Above is G5 1265 with No. 557 the afternoon train to Chalk River. Bruce Chapman Collection

Extra 428 West bound for Smiths Falls. Note the immaculate grounds. OTC streetcars ended May 3, 1959.
Bruce Chapman Collection

Two photographs of 3417 assisting 3690 with train of empties for coal service Prescott.
Assist engine will come off at Ellwood four miles south and return light to Ottawa West
c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection


M4g 3528 assisting 2229 with coal hoppers to Prescott.
c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

Hail! Hail! The gang's all here. 241 on the table at old Ottawa West roundhouse. Circa 1890 Kevin Day Collection
Acquired 6/1882 ex QM&O 14 St.Laurent Manchester Locomotive Works #741 11/1876

Numbering series III in numerical order

A1e 30 CP New Shops 1066 9/1887 Ottawa West 1/10/1941 Floyd Yates
This slightly blurred photo attests to the difficulty of photographing moving subjects with yesteryear's cameras.

This engine would be the fourth last 4-4-0. It became a spare for the old K&P and was last used in filming of the 1949
movie Canadian Pacific staring Randolph Scott. It was stored in West Toronto roundhouse and scrapped 5/1950.

Movie version of 30 carrying two numbers including 80 easily repainted 8 to 3 or reverse!
"Hat box" fake also, link and pin coupler on pilot, plus old style oil headlight and diamond stack.
Note fake wood pile which appears to be scrap rather than cord wood normally used.
Actual coal bunker lies beneath it since wood grates would be needed along with experience firing it!
Banff, Alberta. Courtesy Doug Phillips.

D4g 419 (CPR 3/1915) sitting on outbound shop track ready for Waltham passenger in afternoon. 6/01/1940
Note: Wellington Street bridge also Brading Brewery in background which later became O'Keefe Brewery.

425 (First D4 class) CPR 11/1912 Ottawa 10/15/1958 J.R.Quinn

D4g 433 has arrived off #91, the Rigaud Wayfreight and will back over to the roundhouse and the crew will book off duty.
This train left Ottawa West Monday, Wednesday and Friday to Rigaud Quebec, just inside the Quebec border from Ontario
on the line to Montreal, and returned to Ottawa Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

When I started hanging around Ottawa West station about 1953, my uncle was the regular engineer
on this job with this engine, and that may be him in the cab for all I know. L B C

Addy Schwalm/L.B. Chapman Collection

D4g 449 was the regular Waltham passenger engine in the late 1940's, and here he is about to cross the Alexandra/Interprovincial bridge heading to Hull with his train #543. Addy Schwalm/L.B. Chapman Collection

D4g 449 on the Waltham passenger train flying white extra flags. It is April 1946, and the Interprovincial Bridge was closed due to a fire at the E. B. Eddy plant in Hull at the north end of the bridge. The bridge was closed for repairs for some time,
and all trains leaving old Ottawa Union heading to Waltham, Maniwaki, Carleton Place and Montreal via the north shore had to head east to Hurdman on the M&O Subdivision, turn south on the Sussex Street Subdivision to Ellwood, then go around the wye track and head north into Ottawa West. There they had to reverse position if they were heading to Quebec and head north over the Prince of Wales Bridge. Addy Schwalm/L.B. Chapman Collection

D4g 471 is heading west onto the Carleton Place Subdivision from the yard, and then will to back over to Hull West
and then head west on the Waltham Subdivision as #95. Addy Schwalm/L.B. Chapman Collection

D4g 472 running extra at this point is pulling westward towards the Carleton Place Subdivision just past Ottawa West station. After securing a clearance and the staff, he will back over the Prince of Wales Bridge to Hull West, and start his westward journey as #95 to Waltham. Before Wamo was constructed in early 1957, freight trains for Waltham had to back over to/from Hull West to/from Ottawa West, then head west as #95, returning eastward as #96. Addy Schwalm/L.B. Chapman Coll.

473 all coaled up by the old chutes which were replaced in early 1950's.
Al Paterson/Bruce Chapman Collection

D10h 1110 second last D10. CLC 1146 12/1913 Ottawa West c.1950
Al. Paterson/Bruce Champman Collection

G5b 1219 (MLW 10/1945) leaving Ottawa Union with #559/263, the afternoon Pool
train to Brockville from track #2. On track #1 is the passenger/mixed for
Waltham Quebec with a D4g. Bruce Chapman Collection




G5b 1226 (MLW 73743 10/1945) Taking water on a wet day late in August 1958. Ian Taylor

1227 blocking the level crossing in Westboro Mile 1.9 Carleton Place Sub. Train is either 563 to Brockville or
555 to Chalk River. Both were handled by the only two G5's (1227 and 1265) assigned to Ottawa West.
Fireman Bob Tate and an on-looker. William Seabrooke Collection

G5c 1261 (CLC 11/1946) at Ottawa Union with the barracks behind across the Rideau Canal.
9/1954 Al Paterson/L.B.Chapman Collection

1265 on the shop track Ottawa West July 1947 Stan Styles/Bruce Chapman Collection

G5c 1267 (CLC 1/1947) at Ottawa Union, north of the Laurier Avenue bridge,
with CNR 8052 MLW S4 behind, 8/30/1958 Al Paterson/L.B.Chapman Collection

G1 class 2207 and a smoke-deflectored engine, likely a G3 class 2300. L.B.Chapman Collection

Very unusual, but the odd time the shop would put engines out through pit #23 to head out for a train
at Union instead of around the Prescott Sub. wye to the station, which is in the background.
2207 might well have been dispatched on the Prescott Way Freight shown below.

G3 2399, Ottawa West, 07/08/1955, photo by W.M.Hayes/L.B.Chapman Collection

It is early morning, and 2399 is just arriving for servicing at the shop after arriving at Ottawa Union on the overnight pool train from Toronto, either #24 (via Trenton) or #34 (via Havelock). Our poor old crippled switchtender Bill Burgess will line the switch back for the main line of the M&O/Carleton Place Subdivision after 2399 clears.

Note: Men injured on duty were given preference for switchtender, baggageman, crossing watchman or gateman postions.

G3 Class 2401 (2461) near the old coal chutes soon to be replaced.
Stock car spotted at Stores Department carried OCS parts from Angus.
c. 1950 L. B. Chapman Collection

G3h 2459 (CLC 3/1945) sitting at Ottawa Union with #504/234 to Montreal in the afternoon; old post office behind engine.
L. B. Chapman Collection

G3j 2467 (MLW 6/1948) leaving Ottawa Union with the afternoon train #504/234
for Montreal, from the Laurier Avenue bridge. L. B. Chapman Collection

This dramatic shot of G3 class 2468 shows Number 83 enroute to Smiths Falls at Eagleson Road in Kanata Mile 11 Carleton Place Sub. on a Saturday, likely in the Summer of 1950 with sunset fast approaching. A John Street assigned passenger locomotive it would lay over in Ottawa as No. 23 did not operate on Saturdays. Ottawa West roundhouse would "borrow" this fine locomotive. Aubrey Mattingley/Bruce Chapman Collection


2624 stopped at Ottawa West. 1954 Al Paterson

2822 with #232 (note CNR car second from rear) at Deep Cut east end of Ottawa Union Station due to depart 7.55 A.M. Daily except Sunday non-stop to Montreal. Stopping at Montreal West, Westmount and due to arrive Windsor Station at 9.55 A.M. 7/1958 Joseph Testagrose Collection

#232 at Deep Cut heading to Montreal. That’s the Rideau Canal to the left of the engine; he’s crossing over from the CNR Alexandria Subdivision to the CPR M&O Subdivision. Don’t know what that car right behind the engine is, probably ‘storage’ mail for Montreal. #232 had an RPO, baggage, 2 coaches and 2 parlours, one of them a buffet parlour with dining service and the other a CNR car having a drawing room. 2822 made all but four of the 31 roundtrips during July including 236 Sunday evenings to Montreal operated in place of the morning 232. Missed trips: Monday the 7th and 14th 2859 dispatched. 21st. 2821 and on the 28th. 2826. L B C

H1c Royal Hudson 2828 (MLW 10/1937) leaving Ottawa Union for Montreal. L. B. Chapman Collection

Last H1d Royal Hudson 2859. Happy 20th.birthday! MLW 69109 8/1938
Another wet August day in Ottawa 8/30/1958 Ian Taylor

Only five more 2800's were built two years later as oil-fired engines for Western Lines.
These were the only Royal Hudsons built as such, all others were so designated after the 1939 Royal Tour.

2927 arrived on the shop track Ottawa West. c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

This Jubilee was used on about as diverse a variety of passenger trains imaginable. It regularly handled the Ottawa-Maniwaki branch passenger with three wooden cars. It frequently doubleheaded (see below) No. 559 the Ottawa-Brockville Pool train on Fridays and Sundays. The most unique train it handled in the 1940's and 50's was the "Parliamentary Special" a late Friday night four-car train from Ottawa to Montreal with a through sleeper for Quebec City. Only Parliamentarians could ride this train and they all had passes!

2927 and 2200 doubleheading Number 559 the Ottawa-Smiths Falls-Brockville Pool train passing Ottawa West roundhouse. Although not a big train (7-10 cars), on Fridays and Sundays it was doubleheaded due to the difficult Nepean hill grade in both directions on a light branchline prohibiting heavier engines. This line, the Brockville Subdivision was built on a big swamp! What is also unusual is the fact 2927 (built 2/1938) is hand-fired while the much older (4/1906) G1 class 2200 was equipped with a stoker around the time of this photograph. c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection



M4d 3426 Cyl. 21" x 28" Drv. 58" Press. 200 lbs. t.e. 36% Schnectady 30276 10/1904
Still with a single air "pump" and old style high mounted headlight and bell mount.
Whistle shroud to direct sound away from crew. Note Canadian-only combination pilot.
Ottawa October 15, 1958 Dick George/Paterson-George Collection.

M4d 3429 on a hot, humid summer's day at Ottawa West in 1950. Schenectady 30281 10/1904
Addy Schwalm/L.B.Chapman Collection

The engine had just arrived from the 'oil train', #95 from Ellwood, where there was a large tank farm which received oil
from Montreal on train #75 and the oil dealers would distribute it around the city of Ottawa. It was heading to the shop
via the west lead of the Prescott Subdivision. The track 3429 is standing on was known as the 'west main line'.
This was the original track that led from the Broad Street station west towards Carleton Place Ontario with the original Canada Central Railway of March 15th, 1880.

M4d 3433 arriving at Ottawa West from Hull West with the day Hull transfer, 1950 Schenectday 30285 10/1904
Addy Schwalm/L.B.Chapman Collection

Ridiculous amount of black smoke may have been for the benefit of the photographer! Or, maybe not!
Note: It had one of the original centred headlights fitted to a few M-4's with a thick glass.

M4g 3473 on Ottawa West shop track looking north towards Hull Quebec. 1950 MLW 42129 6/1907
The tall stacks of the E. B./ Eddy's paper mill can be seen at the right of the picture.
Addy Schwalm/L.B.Chapman Collection

M4g 3509 (Baldwin 30713 4/1907) at Ottawa West station, 1950, Another hot humid summer's day with the roundhouse windows open to try to let the stifling heat out for the poor shop labourers working in the steam and heat. It was near afternoon passenger time,and 3509 has just arrived off the Ellwood 'oil job' #95, and will head to the shop for a rest,
refuelling and any mechanical work required before next day's work comes around.
Addy Schwalm/L.B.Chapman Collection

Initially I was going to crop this picture to get rid of the kids on the station platform
but I decided to leave them in as proof that at one time kids liked to hang around and watch trains.

3510 getting some attention to its bell! BLW 30714 4/1907 Ottawa West c.1952

3511 Ottawa engine C. 1952 Baldwin 30715 5/1907

M4g 3523 (Baldwin 31070 6/1907) on the arrival track at Ottawa West, 1950.

You can see the Wellington Street bridge in the background along with the Brading's beer sign,
which became O'Keefe's in later years before the building was demolished.
Addy Schwalm/L.B.Chapman Collection

Here is 3523, arriving at Ottawa West on train #95, the 'oil job' in 1950.
Standing on an approaching footboard was prohibited, and a visiting
official could give that yardman a few brownies (demerits) for his indiscretion!
Addy Schwalm/L.B.Chapman Collection

M4g 3528 Cyl. 22 1/2" x 28" Drv. 58" Press. 180 lbs. t.e. 37% Baldwin 31254 7/1907
Switching in Ottawa June 1946 Bud Laws Collection

5106 on the outbound shop track Ottawa West 1950 Addy Schwalm

P1 5107 about to leave the shop track for train 94 early A.M. way freight to Prescott.
c.1950 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

Extra 6876 North at Hurdman returning to Ottawa West May 4, 1946 Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

6876 last V2 class 0-8-0 on roster. Only V class built by Canada Foundry in Toronto.
Only V2c subclass was built as M2f 3297 2-8-0 #831 11/1904 rebuilt CPR 9/1921.

This photograph of 6876 is I think its last run to Hurdman. 6876 made 2 trips to Ellwood to switch the oil farm that last month, but then he made one trip to Sussex Street, and this shot has him sitting at the eastbound semaphore at Hurdman ready to come back to Ottawa West. From what I can see, it was his last run out of Ottawa West as it was retired the following month....this is gleaned from that old register book found in the attic at Ellwood just before it was demolished. LBC

Note: V1a class 6801 was retired 11/1946 and the very last V1 class 6809 was retired 2/1951

Gallery V Class 0-8-0

Ottawa West

Last years of steam. 1958-59


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