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Ontario Northland

Freight equipment

ONT 100508 with a nice looking part load.

ONT 100510 new long flat car.

ONT 6500 (35 cars) 100 ton 1000 cu. ft. 35 foot cylindrical ore hopper. Built NSC 11/1967
Identical cars were also built for CN as part of an equipment pool for ore service.
Wheels on top of car operated unloading doors by rubbing against overhead railing.
Progressive paint scheme forest green with white lettering.

ONT 7449 white door indicates Express service, used on Polar Bear train.

ONT 7779 50 foot 75-ton newsprint box car in the modern stylized rivers of the north dark blue paint scheme.
NSC 9/1980. Dolton, IL 8/15/1981 Tom Golden/Sam Beck Collection

ONT 90656 40 foot box car with 6 foot door. (Note: 8 foot door required for tow motor loading).
Stencil by door: This car for clean lading only.

ONT 91009 a Newsprint Only A as indicated by oval stencil. Also, Return to Iroquois Falls Ont. when empty.

ONT 92076 in short-lived Progressive paint scheme. Yellow door readily indicates newsprint car as per stencilling;
NEWSPRINT ONLY, also: Return to Iroquois Falls Ont. when empty. Site of large Abitibi paper mill.
CPR box cars with red shield are likewise restricted to newsprint loading only.



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