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Ontario Northland

Work service equipment

Hy-Rail vehicles


Business cars

Business cars

1st Onakawanna soon to become service car 201 (see below)



Rule Instruction car 1502. Ex DL&W Imola built Pullman 1913.
Note scale house at right. Englehart July 12, 1978. Wolf Kirchmeir

Work service car 201 shown here retired was formerly Business Car Onakawana.
Originally built by Pullman in 1916, acquired 1951.
Englehart July 12, 1978. Wolf Kirchmeir


65 Note the logo for Northland passenger train.

ONT 83 on work train.

Note: 96 see work service van 2311 below

100 engineman's bunk car. NSC 1948. Preserved 7/2006 Gibson Transport for staff lounge. Alliston, ON.

Also displayed is a sectionmen's track motorcar sitting on a diamond relocated from a
nearby abandoned CN crossing, as well as a crossing protection signal. Eric May.

Caboose 101 one of six steel vans built by National Steel Car.
Englehart July 12, 1978. Wolf Kirchmeir

103 in original paint scheme.

104 in original paint scheme. June 1986 North Bay.

106 displayed at Haileybury Heritage Museum, 575 Main St. Haileybury.
Note: Includes streetcar and tug boat as well as tourist information. .

Work Service

ONT 2311 work service van ex 96. NSC 1940
Acq. 1994 for business (still-born). Powassan

Relocated December 12, 2020 to Timmins Museum.






Plows, spreaders etc.

Spreader 527

Pile driver 530

ONT 547 Rapid unloader.

ONT 554 snow plow

ONT 558 snow plow

ONT 559 snow plow





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