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Essex Terminal

Essex Morterm Holding Co. est.1983

Windsor, ON


July 2022 Port Windsor expansion project announced.
ETR will fund $6.2 M and government of Canada $5M.


Morterm 5353 Maplewood Dr. Windsor.

Property includes 90+ acres of fenced outdoor storage and 160,000 sq.ft. of indoor storage.

ETL 108_104 switching multis at Motipark an automobile facility for FCA (Fiat Chrysler) Windsor Assembly Plant
which produces Dodge Grand Caravans and Chrysler Pacificas. It has parking for 6000 vehicles.
Opened this week. Windsor, ON 2/15/2019 Mike Molnar

Note: This extensive property was formerly the GM Transmission Plant.

Local industries served by ETR include:

ADM Agri Ind. Border Reload Inc., Canadian Salt, Dainty Foods, Diageo Canada Inc.,
Hiram Walker (Penrod Ricard), K Scrap Resources, Petro Gas, and Plains Midstream Canada.


105 freshly repainted in original paint scheme. Oldest original ETR diesel.
SW9 1200 HP GMD A949 3/1956
Ojibway Yard, LaSalle, ON 11/29/2021

Jeffrey Dobek

Rare to see two ETL units working together. 104_108 CPR yard in Windsor 6/03/2012 Jay Butler

Main Gallery

ETL 101 acq. 6/1946, nee Canadian Car & Munitions 5. MLW S1 #69824 12/1941 Collection of Al Howlett

Essex Terminal shop tracks. May 22, 1981 Check out the "gas" pump!
Doug Kroll Sold 2/1988 Don Hearn & Sons Trucking

102 SW8 800 hp GMD A238 8/1951 April 1973 Douglas Leffler

102 in newer paint scheme. 3/1975 R.E.Minnis

Subsequent owner; DD-GM 102

102:2 acq. 4/1986 (ex ACR 172) GMD A2019 8/1963 (last GP9 built). Windsor July 23, 1986 Dave Parker
Unit had been retired 1984 and cannibalized by ACR. Chop nosed by ETR

Subsequent owner; OSR 102

102 (2nd) with eastbound transfer to CP. 6/20/1998

103 in early paint scheme. S3 660 HP MLW #77282 6/1952 Bob Farkas 8/12/1982

Essex Terminal 103 S3 660 HP MLW #77282 6/1952

ETL 104 in nice new modern paint scheme at Ojibway 5/02/1988 Sam Beck Collection

: Sold 1999 BBOH 104 photo 1/2/2004 switching Cargill, Bloomingburg, Ohio.

104 SW8 800 hp GMD A612 2/1954 c.1979

104 (2nd) acq. 11/1999 (ex ICG/IC 1475, nee SW7 404) SW14 1300 HP r/b 1981 EMD 10046 6/1950

105 with unique second headlight mounted on railing!
SW9 1200 HP GMD A949 3/1956 Windsor 3/29/1983

105 now with dual beam headlight plus large low mounted twin lights.
Still with original arrangement of overhead handrail on carbody.
New style lettering paint scheme. Windsor 10/10/1991 Alex Simins

105 now with roller bearing trucks and equipped with safer more normal style railings along walkway.
Also, visibility stripes on pilot (no footboards) and level crossing reflective dashes along frame.
Southbound to Amherstberg. Windsor 9/21/2012 Myles Roach

106 acq. 8/1972 (ex L&HR 22) C-420 Alco 84721 6/1963
Sold 1988 Arkansas & Missouri 50.

107 acq. 7/1977 (ex DD-GM 113, nee EMD 113) SW1500 EMD 37436 4/1971 Windsor 8/1/1979 Brian Woodruff

Note: This unit had been a plant switcher first at EMD in La Grange and later at GMD in London.
It had problems with the sharp curves in the GMD plant and was swapped for ETR 102 an SW8.

107 repainted in newest scheme and equipped with ditch lights. Windsor 10/10/1991 Alex Simins

107 Ojibway yard. 9/21/2012

108 (ex Cartier 59) about as close to the border as you can get! Windosr 4/25/2015 John Lowes

108 acq. 11/1989 (ex Cartier 59) Built as low nose. GP9 GMD A1822 5/1960 Windsor 5/13/2000

Still in Cartier paint scheme and with 102 along to protect 108 recently acquired.
GMD A1822 5/1960 and A2019 8/1963 ex ACR 172. (below)

This was the very last GP9 built in North America, long after production ended. GMD A2019 8/1963
Note the GP20 style frame and fuel tanks on this and 171. Steelton, May 27, 1974. Ted Ellis



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