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Dominion Atlantic

9059 "meets" Princess of Acadia. Digby Wharf September 5, 1970 Roger Puta/Marty Bernard Collection


8132 with three cars and the van has just arrived from Kentville.
Now, the RDC will make its way to the station to load passengers. Mile 86 Yarmouth Sub. Yarmouth, NS July 1974.

1274_1275_8138 with typical gypsum train. October 6, 1993 Windsor, NS.

9058 on display to public in Halifax prior to introduction of Dayliner service.
Three photographs Steve Morris Collection

The new and the old side by side. The Dayliner appears to be on tour likely at Kentville.
Note extra (white) flag on front of 9058. Also, ENTRANCE sign at right rear of Car.

This old 8 x 10 shows that the Extra 9058 has attracted a lot of people to look and ride the new Dayliner.
It is said over 11,000 people toured the train at various points along the line.

Two scheduled DAR westbounds are connecting at Windsor, Nova Scotia. The 2501 would be the Mixed No. 11
off the Midland from Truro. It died at Windsor. No. 15 the Halifax to Yarmouth RDC Dayliner.
This is a mid-summer August 1956 to 1958 photo. Note: 2501 was transferred to DAR 7/1958.
Caption: Wendell Lemon

9059 one of only two RDC's (9058, 9059) ordered and lettered for Dominion Atlantic. Budd 6317 7/1956
They provided the main passenger service. The only other was a mixed train.
Dockside in Digby, Nova Scotia. 8/03/1963 David A. Pearson Jr.

Passengers are boarding the rear of 9059 during its brief stop at Kentville DAR's HQ. July 1974.
No. 2 from Yarmouth to Halifax was making only a 10 minute stop here (1400 - 1410) for a
scheduled meal station stop giving passengers scant time to get takeout food.
Note the work service equipment at far right.

CP Rail painted 9064 Middleton, NS August 1978 Gary Hadfield

VIA Rail

Here are two views of 9058 in latter years as VIA 6133 along with 6126 ex 9059.
Southbound at Duncan, VI. August 1992 Duane Cooke




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