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Canadian Pacific Railway

Steam in Montreal June 1959

Text and photographs Edward J. Ozog

In June of 1959 I traveled by RDC's to Montreal from Rhode Island over the NH, B&M and CP to see steam while it was still plentiful on the Canadian Pacific. Early the morning after an evening arrival I was at Windsor station to see a procession of commuter trains arrive powered by steam. I then spent the middle of the day at the Glen passenger engine terminal to watch steam being serviced for late afternoon runs. I watched the outward bound steam hauled trains at Westmount and the next morning I was at Montreal West to see the inbound steam parade again. From the station I followed the tracks to the St.Luc yard and freight engine terminal. I was fortunate to ride the cab of Hudson 2819 on a freight but had to catch a bus back to Windsor Station. In the afternoon I was back at Windsor station where I watched the commuter trains leave and then boarded a sleeping car for McAdam, N.B.

I was at Windsor Station early June 15th the morning after my arrival in Montreal but there was fog and drizzle. Nevertheless, the arrival of eight steam powered trains in about an hour brightened my day. I shot this on the lead into Windsor Station but realized I was too close to the station because it was where engineers closed the throttle and drifted into the station with a clean exhaust. Pacific 2408 is a CP G3g built CLC 11/1942. Train is No.180 with eight cars.

Now preserved H1b 4-6-4 2816 built MLW 12/1930 was the oldest of eight steam engines that arrived at Windsor Station in Montreal this morning. 2816 was a revelation - I thought all CP Hudsons were streamlined - there were not many sources of information in those days.

This early morning outside Canadian Pacific's Windsor Station was not good for photogrophy but seeing G3g 4-6-2 2412 CLC 12/1942 come out of the fog with twelve cars was compensation.

When it started to rain at Westmount in Montreal, I boarded 2822's train for a short ride into Windsor Station.
The train from Ottawa is backing into the rain after arrival to head to The Glen.

N2a 2-8-0 3642 is leaving the Glen turntable for switching duty at Windsor Station.

Another view of 3642 built by Montreal Locomotive Works 3/1911.

G3h 2461 CLC 4/1945 takes water for an afternoon train. The wash pad is in the forground.

G3g 4-6-2 2412 was built by the Canadian Locomotive Works 12/1942. Note the men working in the pit.

H1c Royal Hudson 2821 was built by the Montreal Locomotive Works 9/1937 and scrapped about six months after I photographed her at Glen engine terminal in Montreal being prepared for Ottawa train No. 235.

G3h 4-6-2 2459 CLC 2167 3/1945

H1b Hudson 2816 is ready for a late afternoon train out of Windsor Station.

In June 1959 the CP was still using Pacifics and Hudsons on several trains departing Windsor Station, Montreal.
In the foreground is the wash pad which kept the steam engines looking like they should -- clean.
The engines are lining up for the evening commuter rush including 2408 and 2821.

G5c 1258 CLC 11/1946 has her sand box checked while on the ready line for the afternoon commuter trains.
Note the Delaware & Hudson diesel in the background behind 1258's nose.

G5 being worked on.

G5b 4-6-2 1224 MLW 10/1945 is protection power today, one of 18 steam engines in the house this day.
Roundhouse walls were usually white (whitewash, not paint) to provide more light.

Canadian Pacific Train No. 214 westbound from Westmount station is powered by G5c Pacific 1258

The now-famous Hudson 2816 leaving Westmount Station Montreal with train 249 for Rigaud.

G3h 4-6-2 2426 CLC 9/1944 leaving Westmount Station in Montreal.

G3g 4-6-2 2412 CLC 12/1942 at Westmount Station, Montreal with westbound train 287.
Notice the smoke of a following train - nine steam engines went out during the late afternoon commuter rush.

G3g 2408 CLC 11/1942 westbound from Westmount with eight cars of train No. 181.
The Glen coaling tower is in the background.

Royal Hudson 2821 with train Number 235 at Westmount for Ottawa from Windsor Station.

It is the next day now.

G3g 4-6-2 2412 arriving at Montreal West with a commuter train to Windsor Station. Beautiful station grounds.

G3g 2408 departs Montreal West for Windsor Station. The 4-6-2 was built in 1942 by Canadian Locomotive Works.

G3h 4-6-2 2426 waits at Montreal West for commuters to board for Windsor Station.

Look at those cars!

G3 2459 is departing Montreal West for Windsor Station with a morning commuter train.

2816 arriving Montreal West with a commuter train from Vaudreuil to Windsor Station.

H1c Hudson 2821 passing St.Luc yard near Montreal West. The morning train from Ottawa was the only long distance train I saw powered by steam during the two days I was in Montreal but there were more than enough 2-8-0's, 2-8-2's, 4-6-2's and 4-6-4's active in Montreal to keep me happy!

Some mid-day freight activity is next.

P2j 2-8-2 5449 is easing out of the St.Luc yard in Montreal with a block of CP refers.

N2b 2-8-0 3694 is one of the switchers at St.Luc in Montreal. The Consolidation type was built by MLW in 1912 and scrapped about a year after I photographed her.

P2c Mikado 5343 built in 1923 is having her fire cleaned and ashes dumped at the St.Luc engine terminal in Montreal.

P2c 2-8-2 5343 is being serviced at the steam facility. The separate diesel facility is in the background but I obviously would not spend time there.

N2c 2-8-0 3759 was built in 1914 by Canada Foundry Co. in Toronto.

P1e 2-8-2 5146 was built by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1913 and scrapped five months after I shot her.

P1 5145 sits with other steam engines inside St. Luc roundhouse.

Not a diesel in sight!

St.Luc roundhouse was still relatively busy with steam activity even in mid-1959 but in several months steam would be gone.

H1b 4-6-4 2819 MLW 12/1930 leaving the roundhouse for a freight.
I asked to ride the 45 car freight and the engineer graciously accommodated me.

2819 with her crew.

Back to the passenger scene for the afternoon

N2a 2-8-0 3642 taking out a cut of head-end cars from Windsor Station.

N2a 2-8-0 3642 is switching a cut of cars at Windsor Station.

H1c Hudson 2816 leaving Montreal with an afternoon commuter train. The other engines are G3 Pacifics.

Royal Hudson 2821 starts train 235 for Ottawa while G3 Pacifics wait to follow with commuter trains.

G5c 4-6-2 1258 leaving for Farnham with train 214.

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