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Canadian Pacific Railway

4-4-0 Eight-Wheeler

C.P.R. 1 Countess of Dufferin Baldwin 2660 January 1872.

71 Kingston

Behind 144(i) is the Van Horne style station completed January or February 1884 with three chimneys. Calgary (ii) and Medicine Hat structures were the only two of the Van Horne era style stations with three, all others had two chimneys. The sandstone structure (iii) was designed in 1893 and construction started that fall. After completion of this new building the wood structure (ii) was then moved across the main track and yard to the south side. The photo had to be taken summer 1894. Calgary’s first station (i) was a bunk-house which looked much like a box car, but was of a standard design for that purpose.
Doug Phillips

NOTE: This is not the 144 of New Brunswick fame so well known to many along with 29 and 136.

Hail! Hail! The gang's all here. 241 on the table at old Ottawa West roundhouse. Circa 1890 Kevin Day Collection
Acquired 6/1882 ex QM&O 14 St.Laurent Manchester Locomotive Works #741 11/1876

282 Hinkley Locomotive 1618 8/1883 Prescott, Ontario 1891 David Jeans Collection
Note: Became A5c 7083 (83) scrapped 7/1926

CPR 285 SA Class 4-4-0 Cyl. 17" x 24" Drv. 62" Press. 150 lbs. Tender 10 tons, 2800 gals. CPNS #1001 11/1883
Renumbered 1/1912 as the first A4a class 7001. Retired 11/1920. Canadian Pacific
Note: This was the first "CPR standard" design of locomotive and the first built at the New Street Shops in Montreal.

Vancouver June 28, 1936 City of Vancouver Archives/Walter E. Frost

371 all ready to celebrate the Jubilee (50th Anniversary) of Trans Canada passenger train service.
The first through train left Montreal on June 28, 1886 and arrived in Port Moody, BC at Noon,
July 4, 1886. The terminal was soon relocated farther west at Coal Harbour (Vancouver)
and the first through passenger train No.1 arrived there May 23, 1887 hauled by engine 374.
CPR operated special trains from New Westminster and Coquitlam to Vancouver
carrying people to see the arrival of the first through passenger train.

Note: 371 was scrapped back in 1915 so 374 was renumbered and substituted.

374 was restored and displayed at the restored Drake Street roundhouse during the
122nd. anniversary festivities held May 17, 2009. Balto/



374 all decorated poses with 2862 in Vancouver 1946. Canadian Pacific Railway/Steve Morris Collection
SA class 374 was on train No.1 May 23,1887. The first train into Vancouver.

SA class 374 long displayed at Kitsilano Beach. Shown here at the restored Drake Street roundhouse in downtown Vancouver during 122nd. anniversary festivities held May 17, 2009. Balto/

C.P.R. No. 1 Countess of Dufferin oldest preserved CPR steam locomotive. Baldwin 2660 1/1872
Winnipeg 5/10/1948 Paul Mc. Grane Collection

Countess of Dufferin displayed at Winnipeg Railway Musum inside Winnipeg Union Station. September 17, 2011.


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